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Katie Rose Inks Along

I bought deck 1 and 2 of Crystal Portraits by Katie Rose Pipkin. On Etsy she goes by the name of Peony Coin Archer in an unfathomable obfuscation, but after further exploration online I found that Katie Rose is her … Continue reading

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Art, Art, and Books About Art, and Art Things

I have been away in my mind sewing and dreaming about fabric and patterns for nightwear. I’ve also been waiting for mail from the UK that seemed to have gone, vanished into the ether of Canada Customs or Canada Post. … Continue reading

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It’s Art, It’s Cards, It’s Creativity, It’s Fabulous

Not that I was browsing or anything, but I like to keep my eye on new playing card decks or similar quirky card decks. Many of these are only available from Kickstarter or private sites that I don’t like to … Continue reading

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Cards with Palette Joy

Today’s stimulating projects were to get the plumbing fixed, which went extremely well, and to buy a couple of tubes of acrylic paint, which also went extremely well. Riding on that wave of extreme satisfaction, I decided to take the … Continue reading

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New Tarot Cupboards

I’m into my tenth day of trying to organize my bedroom. I have one tiny half rack I’m using for clothes in the walk-in closet, and the rest is all craft, art supplies and doll or dollhouse stuff. Yeah, I’ve … Continue reading

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The Okanagan Oracle

I was really delighted when I saw the Okanagan Oracle cards by Suzy Coyote as I was born in the Okanagan, and it took me decades to get back to British Columbia after living in Ontario. There are some really … Continue reading

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Waiting for Winter 72 Times

There are some rather oppressive looking clouds over the sea right now. Rain today and it’s still cold so I’m waiting for winter to go.  And waiting and waiting and waiting… While contemplating this weather yesterday, I took a notion … Continue reading

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