Mr. Harum Scarum Makes a Wish

Since we now have an address and phone number I decided to buy a book on birds of the west coast, and while there I bought the Celtic Lenormand which I’ve wanted for some time, but it was either out of stock or I was in temporary quarters. That’s coming next week.


I have a fair collection of Lenormand decks and this one has been on my wish list for a year. It is Destiny is Brewing by Kerry Gummersall with illustrations by Heather Strahan. It seems a bit complicated to order and I think you have to buy the book separately and it’s print-on-demand but I’m not sure. I’ll try and sort it out and buy this toward the summer. It’s one of the nicest Lenormands I’ve seen, and as a tea drinker, this one really lights me up!




Louis Pasteur, who said this quote and is one of my heroes, would understand this Knight whom I call Mr. Harum Scarum. Enthusiasm is good but you can get carried away. I am yet again washing and cleaning and unpacking, trying to get ready for a visit and my cat coming back to me.

I’ve been at it since I got up three hours ago and I have to sit down as I’m dizzy and sore and my tendonitis is raging.

We keep having to go to the store to buy stuff, and eventually realized that we didn’t bring our old kettle and so had to buy a new one.

Tea’s on…




Five Hours, Count ’em

First thing this morning Windows Update went kerflooey which I think had something to do with the transfer service they use. I tried a fix from Microsoft which blanked out all my updates and necessitated a system restore which then wrecked my anti-virus and browser so I had to remove and reinstall them. Upon checking online they said to use Microsoft FixIt which I tried and nothing seemed to happen, so I just left it open and it eventually downloaded and installed BUT my hard drive was white hot, and has been most of the week. Is it too much to ask for a stable operating system? Apparently it still happens with Windows 10, the new miracle operating system. So much for stability.



After that I managed to get out to look for some furniture and get some groceries in as I have company coming, but I am exhausted again and had planned to get the house tidied and bit.

My perennial refrain…………



A Sign from the Sun

We got a lot of bureaucratic stuff done yesterday that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was sunny and we found a good park for walking along the beach with the dogs that is quiet and sheltered. It’s sunny again today so we can do a few more errands.



Two is the number today, and the hand of God reaches down through the sun’s rays. I think upon reflection or “surveying the kingdom” (as I often call this card) there is a bit of disappointment, particularly with my fatigue. There is the thought in the book of victory being achieved but feeling hollow. Really, I am short one room to get things moved and other rooms put together and its frustrating me, making me disappointed that I can’t seem to get things organized.

Oh well, the sun beckons. Perhaps I’ll get a hand up?






Slowly I Mix, Inch by Inch

Where do the days go? I am halfway finished unpacking my kitchen but missing the box with my kettle and the lower half of my food processor. We are boiling water for tea in a pot. While baking dinner the other night the element caught fire so it looks like we need a new stove. I could get the element replaced but the last time I did that with a stove it worked for a few months and then caught fire again. Sometimes things are too old, particularly with electric heating elements and wiring etc.

Apart from that I hurt all over and can’t sleep as usual. I feel I’m not getting anywhere and that I should be unpacked after six days in the house. We couldn’t find a bungalow we could afford and this is a two-storey house and it is sometimes difficult for me to get around. I had a fall the day the movers were here but fortunately didn’t break anything, and then had another small fall. The dogs are afraid of the stairs and the laminate floor in one room. I guess they feel slippery to them. We must start a club for aged beings in precarious new homes.

But as I look out the kitchen window I can see the sea and a nearby point where cruise ships go by in the warmer months, and snow-capped mountains on the mainland. There are worse situations I suppose.



Yeah, I’ve been told all right. Isn’t this a beauty of a card? I don’t usually like the colour gold, but it’s tempered (hahahaha) by the softy blue/green colours which are attractive.

Mixing and counteracting imbalances in the body that can make you sick. Think problems through, don’t rush in aggressively. The moderate life.

I wish sometimes that I’d more carefully considered buying this house but we couldn’t live in a motel forever and sometimes you have to take a leap. It rains a lot here, so we haven’t been able to have our usual seaside walks with the dogs. They have a seawalk here but it’s right by the highway and noisy, plus hard to get parking and it’s too far to walk to, you have to drive down. Maybe we’ll try some local hiking trails? There’s a balance there I’m sure. I woke up and it was cloudy but nice, and now it’s raining again.

Welcome to the west coast!

Press Ahead

ACE STAFFS (Ace of Wands)


Now that’s a lovely card. I always think of energy and the hand of God with Aces, and in this one the ancient walls glow and the imperial eagle tops everything.

Strangely, the book mentions how making on-the-spot decisions is an indicator with this card, and I have never thought of it this way. I thought myself terrible at making decisions, a complete ditherer, but lately I’ve had to make them quickly, and I am surprised at my decisiveness. Proof that training and practice can make you good at anything!

We were out today arranging hydro and TV and internet and phone and buying a few last-minute cleaning supplies and pillows and a shower curtain. We couldn’t get the new beds until the day after we take possession of our new house so we’re going to sleep on the broadloom in our sleeping bags. Not terribly comfortable but we now have pillows at least.

The beginning of the adventure, and by golly we need two chairs to sit on during our first night in the empty house.


Canadian Tire $29.99 CAD.  The riches of Byzantium are mine.

I shall journal in my chair darlings, with my fountain pens, journals, and ink that took the long journey with me.






The Ripples of Transition

I drew this at the end of the day today. Last night due to a financial worry, I got three hours of sleep, broken into fragments. I finally got hold of my banking rep. to discuss a few things, and she said it would all work out but everything was fine.



Then I went to the post office to change our address yet again, and all told we have paid $170 or so in postal fees for mail forwarding and holding mail during our cross-country move. Unbelievable. We then went to a specialty shop to buy beds. Decades ago we received a nice wooden bed and new mattress set as a wedding gift. It was stolen from a storage locker four or five years later, and ever since we have made do with $99 bone-wracking cheap mattresses from Sears.

Our last sets were completely worn with springs coming through and dust, and they hurt to sleep on, so this time we bought decent mattresses and proper platforms and mattress covers, pillows, and sheets from the specialty shop. I didn’t blink at the price because we deserve these things.

One eye-opening aspect of living in motels for seven weeks, was sleeping on proper beds and mattresses, and the difference it made in comfort but also my chronic back pain. The transition, the journey, has been about more than simply physically moving house, it was about how we lay on beds of swords all these past years, in many ways.

No more. Coming home from the wars like the chap on the card, we learn to change in our new chapter of life.



Struggle to Find the Fulcrum of Harmony

I drew this yesterday for both yesterday and today.



I often call this the parlay card which seems apt as we do legal things today. “Fairness in law” is one of the key phrases in this deck for this card, but it’s also about equilibrium, fairness, and balance and harmony. All those things I find difficult when other people are involved.

Reconcile opposing forces, and get that fulcrum working for you. A physics reference— ya gotta love it.