Okanagan Oracle Colour Study 8: Transformation

I love cemeteries and cemetery history, so I really enjoyed pulling out this card. It is such a missed opportunity for the locations in the deck not to be identified. I love to explore and look things up in a deck, but this hunt and peck sort of thing for basic information is maddening.

In looking this up at Find a Grave, the stone is in the Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery, one of two cemeteries in Kelowna and the stone is for Clarissa Graves 1878-1912. Only 34 years-old, perhaps she died in childbirth; we see you still Clarissa, that’s the nice thing about cemeteries.

TRANSFORMATION – Okanagan Oracle
VEINTE-QUATRO ANT – Paraponera clavata – Bugs Knowledge Cards
BORON – Photographic Card Deck of the Elements
A STREET MUSICIAN – Platinum print by J. Furley Lewis – Pomegranate Postcard
29 GRAVE – FUTHARK RUNE EA (ear, grave) – Rune Cards by Linsell/Partridge
THE LAKE WITHIN – High Priestess – Fragments of an Illusion Tarot by Steven Bright (1st edition)


Gosh, aren’t these interesting together? I was looking for grey tones as well, rather than strictly black and white. The ant is among tens of thousands of species of ants, but the sting of this giant species can incapacitate you. So can death and transformation.

Boron is found in the more common borax but is rarely seen in its pure form, these brittle, impractical lumps. Yeah, you lumps out there with your brittle attachment to life, it’s impractical, accept that death is coming, the atomic weight of the grave will roll over you eventually.

I chose the postcard with the violinist because it reminds me of the mournful music played in cemeteries, and yet look at the bright, captivated face of the child, young and old, music binds the spheres and makes life better, transforms fear.

There is literally the grave in the rune card. Again, stop wrestling with the idea of death or the grave that awaits you, but think about sunlight on stone, a life of contemplation in gardens with birds, the end, the transformation is part of the companionship of death.

Lastly, The Lake Within, what a beautiful name for the High Priestess. I think of dark and light, death and life, opposites, and the way you know things deep inside, the progression and transformation of life is a lake within.




The Guy in Crushed Velvet, Listening to Jazz

Daily Draw January 2nd, 2012

Okay babies, here’s the riff, I’ve been adding songs to my wish list at iTunes to use up the $25 gift card I was given for Christmas, but at 39 songs I am way, way over $25. That’s how they get you, those bastards at Apple.

My great disappointment at not being able to download my all-time early music favourite Ecco la Primavera, was countered somewhat by finding Counting Blue Cars. I actually have a Madonna track on the wish list, Beautiful Stranger, because of its haunting tune and ability to get me dancing in my chair.

Mixed in with my hard rock songs about addiction and China white, are Dave Frishberg’s tune I’m Hip and three tremendous tracks by E.S.T., the Esbjörn Svensson Trio, because it’s jazz, it’s the ultimate hipster trip. Hey, Sammy Davis knows my friend, ‘cause I’m hip. Boh-dee-oh-doh.

(Much snapping of fingers and dancing of toes at this point.)

They even have Rosemary Clooney’s version of Dave Frishberg’s song The Dear Departed Past! NO??? YES!!!! Get real, get real, get hip to the max.

The electric burn of my mind scorches through titles, sifting materials for the brightest spark, the nirvana of ignition. This is also why I don’t drink alcohol or take drugs. It doesn’t take much to get the juice flowing.

Uh, so anyway, what is today’s card?

I’m alert
I’m awake
I’m aware
I am always on the scene
Makin’ the rounds
Diggin, the sounds

Oh sorry…..

Pull back, pull back to reality, you can do it Judith, come on now.

Petrognatha gigas

I bet this guy’s hip and can snap his fingers. There are apparently several species of longhorn beetle but this chap is velvety with longer antennae. He’s a biter too. Biter, if the larvae hatch too close together they devour each other until only one is left or there is enough space for each to be solitary.

We don’t need no stinking love here. Oh now come on Mr. Biter Longhorn, we can read together in the living room while listening to Once in a Lifetime by the Talking Heads.

Thus, we may save the Earth in its hour of need.

‘Cause I’m hip.


Highway Rider

It’s up. Brad Mehldau’s marvelously haunting new tune Highway Rider off the new album. I heard this on the radio and did a double-take. I had to know, I had to listen, I had to let my mind soar with it. I heard another good track on the radio from this album as well, so maybe I can buy it one day? You never know.

There’s something about his piano work and those drums on this piece with the slight discordance. You’ve got to let it burble in your mind a bit and let it soak in. Come on, play it five times in a row, I know you want to. Then you can switch back and forth from Highway Rider to Everything in its Right Place by Radiohead. See what happens then. Do it three times, see what happens. See, see, see, sea, blue, green, highway, there are two colours in my head.

Today’s card is from…oh let’s do something hip to go with this music. From the Bugs Knowledge Cards Deck:

Jeweled Weevil
Lamprocyphus augustus

The jewelled weevil burbles through my mind, bringing the smell of tropics from Brazil. His exceptional snout reflects droplets of water while the humid miasma quivers his colours. Be next to me highway rider, travelling onward in the green-blue world.

It’s a Jeweled Weevil kind of day. Yesterday I woke up sucking on a lemon, and today the jewel of the sky green weevil beckons. There are two colours in my head.

Baby Huey Grows Up

From the Bugs Knowledge Card Deck comes. . .

GOLIATH BEETLE – Golianthus orientalis

These come from central Africa and are the world’s heaviest beetles. They can be up to 11 cm. long and the grubs are even bigger at 15 cm. Talk about being Baby Huey. They live half a year or longer and eat a high sugar diet of fruit and fermenting plants. They are so large they make a sound like a tiny aircraft when they fly.

Heavy, fat grubs and a bad sugary diet: no wonder they don’t live long. I shall take that as an incentive to carry on with my low-sodium, low-fat health program. It’s Jackie Gleason doing The Poor Soul again.


Handsome is as handsome does!