Okanagan Oracle Colour Study 8: Transformation

I love cemeteries and cemetery history, so I really enjoyed pulling out this card. It is such a missed opportunity for the locations in the deck not to be identified. I love to explore and look things up in a deck, but this hunt and peck sort of thing for basic information is maddening.

In looking this up at Find a Grave, the stone is in the Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery, one of two cemeteries in Kelowna and the stone is for Clarissa Graves 1878-1912. Only 34 years-old, perhaps she died in childbirth; we see you still Clarissa, that’s the nice thing about cemeteries.

TRANSFORMATION – Okanagan Oracle
VEINTE-QUATRO ANT – Paraponera clavata – Bugs Knowledge Cards
BORON – Photographic Card Deck of the Elements
A STREET MUSICIAN – Platinum print by J. Furley Lewis – Pomegranate Postcard
29 GRAVE – FUTHARK RUNE EA (ear, grave) – Rune Cards by Linsell/Partridge
THE LAKE WITHIN – High Priestess – Fragments of an Illusion Tarot by Steven Bright (1st edition)


Gosh, aren’t these interesting together? I was looking for grey tones as well, rather than strictly black and white. The ant is among tens of thousands of species of ants, but the sting of this giant species can incapacitate you. So can death and transformation.

Boron is found in the more common borax but is rarely seen in its pure form, these brittle, impractical lumps. Yeah, you lumps out there with your brittle attachment to life, it’s impractical, accept that death is coming, the atomic weight of the grave will roll over you eventually.

I chose the postcard with the violinist because it reminds me of the mournful music played in cemeteries, and yet look at the bright, captivated face of the child, young and old, music binds the spheres and makes life better, transforms fear.

There is literally the grave in the rune card. Again, stop wrestling with the idea of death or the grave that awaits you, but think about sunlight on stone, a life of contemplation in gardens with birds, the end, the transformation is part of the companionship of death.

Lastly, The Lake Within, what a beautiful name for the High Priestess. I think of dark and light, death and life, opposites, and the way you know things deep inside, the progression and transformation of life is a lake within.




Database Pose in Black and White

This is actually not a card deck but a bundle of postcards. My initial collection of postcards started with a huge bundle of reduced-price postcards from Pomegranate Publishing. I think at the time they thought postcards were dead and wanted to get rid of their old ones. This is a separate bundle of black and white photographs that I removed from the main bunch.


Old Hollywood stills, publicity shots, advertising photos, landscapes, early platinum, albumen, bromide and silver prints by famous photographers like Edward Steichen and Alfred Stieglitz, even early photographs by prolific photographer Lewis Carroll. Some photos are included from the US Civil War, and also noted jazz musicians and famous actors, authors, musicians and other theatrical personas.


Two black and white prints of paintings of of J.S. Bach and Beethoven, and two hand-tinted colour photographs from the 1930s are included in my ” black and white photographs” bundle. They seemed to fit there.

If you do a search for postcards or postcard books at online booksellers, you will see that postcards are not dead at all. I keep adding to my collection from the odd book or box of postcards newly printed, and generous people keep sending me postcards from their travels. It has burgeoned into a lovely sub-genre of my card collection.

This little black and white bundle with strangely eccentric stills was half of what started it all.



When Will You Realize?

Daily Draw April 2nd, 2013

S.S. Saturnia, Pompeian Swimming Pool
New York City, 1928


Don’t you know that when the truth is told
That you can get what you want or you can just get old?
You’re gonna kick off before you even get halfway through.
When will you realize Vienna waits for you?
[Billy Joel, Vienna]




Oh boy, Larry King is using Twitter now, it’s another celebrity nail into human thought. I’m always amazed when people say “I had to do it,” as if there was an actual physical force making them do something, or they would die if they didn’t follow a fashion. There is a choice, you can say: “I’m not going to do it.” I’d have more respect if people chose to lead by example, instead of giggling about how they “had” to join in the new trend.

I’m going to use the Black and White Photography Postcards today.


This is a publicity shot from Hal Roach studios designed to assure the public that child actors did attend school. The old publicity machine at work. Does this necessarily mean you are learning something or are you simply posing, playing along with what is scripted for you? Kind of like “We use Twitter and are on the cutting edge of technology.”

Someone is looking over your shoulder and will hold you accountable for not paying attention.