Ostara Tarot and More Palettes

I have been waiting for the Ostara Tarot mass market edition for some time. It was created by four Canadians so I felt obliged to support this creation, but also the animal depictions in the deck are exquisite. The Schiffer edition seems to have problems with missing or duplicate cards and the silver foil along the edges sticking, so I hope I can get a good copy that has no problems.


In the meantime, I am not fond of beige and brown or rust colours, but I feel I am missing them from my palettes. One of the reasons I was attracted to the Badgers Forest Tarot apart from the gorgeous paintings of animals, was because of the saturated rusts and browns, which are not my usual colours, so today I took some scans of favourite cards from that deck and made colour palettes to use in the Apple colour picker.




These are the desktop screenshots of them in the two apps I used to generate a 20-colour palette for each. They are very subtle and not my usual so I’ll try to break out of my comfort zone and use taupes and browns and russet colours for a while in draws.

This fellow on the Three of Wands in the Ostara seems to have things well in hand. Yup, he’s waving that magic colour wand and harnessing the power of wind and water, lassoing the elements and navigating the currents of colour palettes.


Hmmmm I notice he seems to have defaulted to the usual purples and greens in the background. What about the rust and brown palettes froglet, what happened to them?

You can’t teach an old frog new tricks.




The Holy Red Coat, Travelling

I’ve been in and out of bed today. I went to the library, but still healing I guess.

KNIGHT OF FOXES (Knight of Cups)


My fox figurine came in the mail today and doesn’t he look well with these cards? One of the reasons I wanted the Papo brand fox rather than the Schleich fox was that this fox is much more realistic. He’s a travelling fox and you can really see his black stockings like all the foxes in this suit.

Here, the fox on the card is on his moose and hunting for the Holy Grail. What a daydreamer, like me today.



Waves and Water and the Confidence of Crows

This is one of my favourite cards from the deck. Today I see precarious tree roots with a crow building a nest, and a sand spit across the water.

It’s a beautiful place and an uncertain place. It seems very open to me with churning waves.

II OF CROWS (2 of Pentacles)


I always think “balance” with this card but I like the idea of adaptability with it too. You go with what is there.

I am stiff and in pain this morning. Some time during the night of my 5-hour sleep, my back and neck muscles just locked in tension, it’s quite painful as it affects my arms and legs and brings sciatica. Lordy loo, the same old loop.

So, I’m adapting like the crow and building despite the iffy surroundings and weather. Lots of water and veggies today, keep clearing out toxins.

Windswept trees keep growing, enjoying the sound of waves.



Quench and Feel, Alert to Possibilities



New endeavours, clever ideas, I think today I’ve got the more positive side of the Magus. All those good, inspirational things he brings, the self-confidence and determination.

I like a raccoon with this, the mask gives a hint of the darker, trickster side to the Magician, but also the animal highlights the energy and curiosity of the Magician. On a good day they are great to have around, very humorous and playful, bursting with ideas.

For today I’m thinking about healthy choices in food and drinking lots of water. I get weary of the roller coaster of health, so the piercing eyes of the Magician can help with that. He has his paws in water, not afraid to feel emotionally and cut through it with his intellect, and quenching his thirst physically and emotionally.

Drink from the life-sustaining river.



Rocking the Outcrop Heights

Big Horned Sheep


Steady on their feet, scrambling around deftly in high, rocky places, these sheep take pleasure in every day things. The feel of the sun, his surefootedness, new territory to explore, has this sheep almost smiling with happiness.

Looks like a good day ahead.

I was writing in my two journals last night but my wing must have been hanging without support because all the muscles in my chest on the right side hurt and tendinitis has flared up as well as pelvic pain and arthritis in my index finger. The interconnectedness of things in the body always surprises me.

I need to start on a drawing today, so I must sit at the table where I have proper support, and wear my tendon cuff, like the Big Horned Sheep steadying himself on rocks, no matter how tiny the outcrop.



Starches and Sounds in the Moonscape

I had two books on order that I could not afford. The spouse went into a sulk, I thought about it for a day, then I cancelled the order and put through an inter-library loan for the books. This was okay but I felt rather withdrawn. I read somewhere that when you start running out of room for books and buying too many, that you should read what you have. I have some fantastic art and reference books that I have dipped into but not read through, so this seemed like a good idea.

I had a dream last night where raw potatoes were floating in the sky. The eyes and bruises had been cut off but the skin was still on. Then I thought I heard a puppy crying in distress and woke up. I searched around the house thinking one of the pets was sick, but nothing. I wondered what this dream might be about.



That Moon looks like a big, raw potato on the sky, and the wolf might have been calling a few seconds ago. You never know.

The Moon is the world of dreams and the unconscious. Mystery and connecting deeply to the soul and illusion. Maybe something about potential, the raw potatoes, scrubbed and trimmed and ready to go, floating magically in the sky of potential, and the fear, the sound the frightened puppy made.

I wake very easily, particularly with sound, so maybe the puppy was trying to wake me up? Also the thought of heaviness, a heavy potato, floating effortlessly, as if all the burdens in my mind were weightless.