Bring it Back to the Mind

Daily Draw February 12th, 2012

Boy, did I have the night from hell. Excruciating pain and cramps all the way down from my hip, into my knee, and into the foot and ankle. My knee was popping and the whole leg seemed to be twisting in spasm. So I watched a bit of television at 5 a.m. and came across a guy on PBS talking about back pain. I looked up his book and came across another book which I have put on my wish list.

When I went back to bed I did some stretching and when I lay down and starting getting pain I decided a mind/body approach would be better than getting tenser and tenser. So I imagined the tendon and nerves being sheathed in ice and whenever I felt like things were inflamed and twisting, instead of panic I breathed calmly and envisioned soothing things like that and kept saying an affirmation in my mind about my legs being relaxed and comfortable. I fell asleep.

Today I am taking all my supplements and drinking lots of water and stretching regularly, walking around in proper shoes, and that sort of thing.



The High Priestess of the Mind/Body experience says rise up from the darkness into the light! The book talks about the circulation of nature which reminds me of my body’s circulation.

The perception of the subtlest of currents lends the ability to register influences that are just beneath the surface, and transform them into inner images.

I give the HP a wave as I rise up to stretch and walk a bit.



Touch the Light, Spilling Out Like Ripe Fruit

Daily Draw February 11th, 2012

I am up at 4 a.m. with leg cramps again. Oddest thing, so I took an aspirin and a calcium/magnesium vitamin. Just waiting for that to kick in and then I can sneak back to bed with my hot water bottle buddy.



I am back to using the Ananda Tarot today. Now that I can actually find it and its book on my shelf it was quite pleasant to pluck it out. This deck was published nine years ago and has been swamped by a wave of newer decks but I still like it with its mysterious orbs and landscapes.

I often get The Hermit and it is one of my personal cards. You are what you are. He looks very receptive in this card, dropping the cards to receive light directly from above. Oh, according to the book the light is coming from inside his heart.

I found the red rose and the Monstera deliciosa or Swiss cheese plant interesting. He doesn’t specify why he painted those in but they are both fruiting plants; we are familiar with rose hips but not so familiar with the fruit that the Monstera creates, which is edible, shaped like a corn cob, and tastes somewhat like pineapple according to online information. I like the thought of The Hermit creating fruit in a quiet, background kind of way.

The Queen of Cups is not a card I often get. Fish and unicorn and a glass of wine, queenie is floating with a bit of a red wine buzz, watching crystals forming within the sphere and generally tuning in to the watery emotional bubble surrounding her head, her eyes somewhere else.

Paired with The Hermit, it seems to be a day of inner clarity and meaning. I like this sentence from the book for this Queen: “The power of fantasy and compassion typify an introverted character.” Fantasy and creativity are things inside me I take for granted and I don’t often think of myself as compassionate but I suppose it lingers, floating about subconsciously.

Oh dear, I am back to unfinished artwork. I must grab that gouache today and make myself work while my husband is watching golf and hockey today. No wait, it is not about force but reception, so perhaps if I close my eyes and meditate beforehand, the fantasy will all spill out, like light from my heart.

It’s the Law: This Card Attracts That Card

Now we come to my usual little visual ramble through a new deck. I didn’t feel like doing this at first because I’ve just done a few convoluted comparisons that required a lot of effort, but once I started going through the deck for about the fourth time, I couldn’t resist.

I’m going to be lazy and not chatter a lot about these, apart from saying that I love the Law of Attraction Tarot and I’m pleased I bought it with birthday money.

That Karl is a busy guy.

And I now come to my favourite card in the deck. I tend to like this sort of card with depictions of everyday objects, and a lot of the Wheel of Change Minors are objects arranged attractively. The chairs here remind me of art class where we used to do exercises drawing chairs and the negative space of chairs.

The Queen of Swords is my personal card. Whew, someone had too much sun before doing this one.

The High Priestess Across Decks

Daily Draw August 17th, 2011

I recently entered my name in a giveaway for a new self-published deck, but I didn’t win so I have become shy of entering these things. However, they do give me inspiration for deck exploration, and that’s how I came to ponder The High Priestess card today, someone was asking people to enter the giveaway by talking about their favourite High Priestess card.

I rarely draw this card and the idea of spooky intuition or prescience doesn’t fit me so I rarely pay attention. I become uncomfortable when I’m reading cards and a knowing comes upon me, it seems too personal. I suppose most of us are pleased that we tune in, but it makes me uncomfortable.

So the old HP is someone I avoid. I avoid thinking about her qualities, I avoid tuning it to other people. Too close, too close.

While browsing through my collection I came upon a few HP cards that I like or studied. Some I thought “Wow, I don’t remember that one.”

I was going to save this for last but feel it fair to weed out the skimmers-of-blogs by telling you right away what my favourite HP is, or as close as I get to designating a favourite: the one from the Arthurian Tarot, the first edition with the gorgeous black borders, the Hallowquest Lady of the Lake.

The next set is very artsy I think. I often wonder why people insist that the Osho Zen deck is not tarot. It is one of my favourite decks, particularly when it comes to people or relationship matters. I think it sings and has terrific artwork, and I can’t see what all the fuss is about. Tarot is tarot, regardless of how you view themes or Osho himself.

These two are quite different. Nigel Jackson brings his own flavour to a conventional HP, but there is something about it or about the colours that makes it one of the better ones. The Via Tarot is always different and interesting.

Two of my favourites. If only U.S. Games still published interesting things like the Phantasmagoric deck, or like the Circle of Life by Lo Scarabeo. This is a good example of why I usually love Lo Scarabeo decks, they have such different takes on the archetypes and really good artwork.

The Silenus Tarot depicts the Oracle of Delphi, and the others are artsy. That Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA is a special deck because of its intense originality, poetry, and writing.

Like many others, I was immediately taken with The Seer from the Wildwood Tarot because of its fantastic art and concept. The Rumi has a great quote that is perfect for this card: “Mysteries are not communicable save to those who know.”

The Vacchetta has the classic look but I love the line art, and this is my own deck that I printed in olive green from one in the public domain. The Stella’s card is simply luscious in blue. I had a good study with this one.

The last set is just because they are neat in art and composition. I like them.

I find it hard to pin down one favourite either in a specific card or a deck. They are almost all interesting to me and have been favourites at some time. For me, if you have one true favourite it seems to exclude other possibilities, so I never really think of decks like that.

Free Unused Energy

Daily Draw – April 4th, 2011


I cringe when I draw this card. What I don’t need right now is another disaster, death, or plumbing problem. This Tower looks old, the gold is flaking off it, which reminds me of my old house. It also reminds me of my old body and how the gilding of youth is flaking off.

I started some stretching exercises yesterday in an effort to keep my bones and tendons aligned and functioning better. I can’t do anything on the floor or bending my legs inward or my ankles, so I’m just stretching my back, arms and hamstrings etc. It feels like I haven’t moved for decades, I’m like an old, old lady, and this only in two weeks of forced rest. I’m also eating properly and chipping away at it. I am a great believer in food combining because it seems to free up so much energy.

So there’s the other analogy, chipping away the gold leaf to let the real flesh move better. Some upheaval but you can also free unused energies.

Horsing Around with Trust and Accept

Daily Draw March 29th, 2011

Two of the little suckers wanted to come out today.


That’s got to be good right? Two Majors….growth and birth and dynamic movement perhaps? She’s dreaming up ideas and soaking up inspiration from the natural world, and I like The Chariot because the image looks like it could go in several directions and he can dream of them all, racing ahead.

I am still somewhat hobbled with my ankle although a tensor bandage and lots of rest are helping it mend. However, I do feel a bit ethereal due to dizziness from lack of movement and having to live in my head for a few days by necessity.

I received all the colours of bookbinding thread I ordered yesterday and I’m dreaming of putting gesso on Masonite or illustration board and then painting covers for a new journal. Starry-eyed with the idea, I know that when I start to make it I’ll come down to earth in the realization.

That’s always the way in new territory, it is never as you imagined it. As well as creative potential, these cards hold inner potential for creating a new destiny for myself, which is badly needed. Failure needs to be used too–find the balance inside so you remain that way despite problems.

I often seem to get cards about change, because I need to change. I will have to trust and accept the unavoidable with calmness and inner strength. This trust and acceptance is tough for me, but if I want to move on and develop I need it.

Trust, accept–scary words.

Spheres Five and the Cheapside Hoard

Daily Draw March 27th, 2011

I’ve had the Cheapside Hoard on my mind lately because I got a book out from the library called 7000 Years of Jewelry and it has some photos of the Cheapside Hoard in there. I first learned about this treasure in an issue of Smithsonian magazine, and I clipped the article and have it still. But mostly I just like the sound of the words “The Cheapside Hoard” which is always capitalized in my mind like a song title.

If you’ve never heard of it there is a short article with some photos here:

The Museum of London published a small book about the Hoard but it seems to be out of print. The author, Hazel Forsyth, has two other books on the history of dining out in London, and the history of toys and miniatures, both look very interesting, but are expensive, alas.

From the Ananda Tarot:


Spheres five sounds poetic and it goes so beautifully with the imagery, which is indistinct like the wisp of a poem in the mind. “Spheres Five” could be said continually or in conjunction with “The Cheapside Hoard.” You could whisper these things to people at odd moments throughout the day and it would clarify the moment, the syllables sharp in the ear.

In this card the dome of the building, perhaps a mosque from ancient days, has broken open, much like the egg in the courtyard. You can tell that the egg is old, and was broken open years ago, but in front of it is a small glowing sphere of what looks like pure gold. Maybe it’s an item from the Cheapside Hoard, found and rescued and residing in the Museum of London? And above this, the moon endures, the sphere forever coming and going from our sight.

Things crumble, and some things endure. Discarding and rebuilding, letting things go. The idea that reduction is actually increase. Build your character, find others with shared traits of character, keep an eye to nature and healing. Yes, there is something to the idea that material reduction concentrates the sense of community and values. So this card isn’t all bad. I’ve had it before lately, so when that happens with cards I feel I am not noticing something, perhaps the fact that a feeling of reduction can open other worlds?

The other thing I notice in this image is the pavement. The stones have heaved up and crumbled in spots but the underlying decorative pattern is still there. Another metaphor for change in life and how change will not disturb the base or the inner Self. The world is still the world, the moon rises every night. Rotation is not destruction, it is simply change.

There were five spheres in the Cheapside Hoard,
I counted them carefully before they opened
In the careful moonlight.