The Spirit Within Gratitude

Oh, those wonderful manifesting and energetic Aces. I think of the Earth, actually I am literally thinking of the Earth because I bought those two Crystal Portrait decks. In rummaging through my books, I hauled out Judy Hall’s first Crystal Bible and decided to buy volumes 2 and 3. [Update: a couple of days later I cancelled the order due to the proliferation in the books of new-age gobbledygook.]


There are many subjective “properties” ascribed to crystals, and every author seems to have their own take on that, which is why I describe them as subjective. I really want these books for the photographs and information about where they are mined. I am not interested in crystal healing but I like crystals and gemstones, anything from the Earth is interesting.



There we go, hand me the Earth on a platter.

“Boost to health” indeed, because I like to learn and that makes me feel better. I did five loads of laundry today. Big, heavy dog blankets, towels, and lighter fleece toppers for the dogs. They went to the groomers and I wanted them to have nice, fresh bedding. Laundry is the epitome of earthy things today, as are sweet-smelling dogs, exhausted and conked out on fresh blankies.

And I am grateful. I have slipped up a bit with my Gratitude Journal because I feel sick or down most of the time from physical pain, but there is something to be said for the hand of God handing you the Earth. Something to sing about, this pentacle of mine.





A Trio for Pain

It’s been two weeks since I got this shoulder impingement. I’ve nursed it along and iced it three times a day and I am not sleeping on my right side, and it is improving. The danger is not to overdo it and send it into the acute phase again. While contemplating this I thought I’d do a 3-card draw.


Jeez, that’s some Ace isn’t it? I do love it when artists bother for something different with Aces as they carry such reverberations for the rest of the suit.

My big question: “Tell me about my arm pain.” There are people who are clever with questions and try to teach that, but I never seem to get beyond the “Tell me about…” kind of question. Well, I want to know, so just tell me!


I often think I do a wrong thing by claiming it as “my” pain, as if I was absorbing it into my whole being instead of thinking of it like a passing thing. These cards point that out I think.

At first I thought the middle sword in the Five was too dominating, like I am consumed by pain, but I see it’s pushing through the detritus, breaking through along with the fresh and vigorous flower that wraps itself around it. No, it’s not “my” pain, it is merely an episode I’m going through.

The 9 of Pentacles is a similar thing, they are eating their tails which seems to inhibit flight, and might point to self-sabotage in health matters for me, but the large creature is looking upward, supported by the steady regularity of the other eight. I thought it was like an engine thrumming, pistons moving, chugging along. Endurance, perseverance.

The Ace is floating above the Earth, closing the circle, looking like it is enjoying the dream, but it’s resting before beginning again. It’s stable, it’s imagining better things and new beginnings, the earth a magnetic influence but not holding it, not preventing it from moving.

So, all good, chugging along, improving.


Aces and Amazon

1 WANDS (The Beginning)


Luck is on my side apparently. I hope so because I ordered a replacement for the Animal Totem Tarot and I’m sending the one with the damaged card back. It’s going to take ages, but I didn’t feel right after spending all that money.

So this card is about new beginnings and spinning with new ideas, the dawn of creativity.

I bought a meter of fabric yesterday because I have an idea for sewing a new table runner as well as pillows and painting the large abstract for above the fireplace. We cleaned the gutters out yesterday which were a terrible mess and we are waiting to get an estimate for putting new ones in plus downspouts.

Behind all that is the creative urge, a good thing.



Gold Stars and Purple Cuffs

Ace hands me the big cheese…..okay maybe it’s a big pentacle from the hand of God.



Oh my, I am jolly today as I continue my endless wrapping and packing. Almost done all the fiddly stuff and then the movers can take care of the rest.

I think this is a good luck sort of card with regard to money and worldly matters. Perhaps I am getting a gold star for a job well done packing and organizing?

I’m running out of decks, but the Byzantine Tarot will be here in two days so that’s a good sign. Whee!



Roaring Rocks Roll into Action

So where am I today? Clearing out piles and piles of ratty, old clothes that the spouse would not release in the summer. Three green garbage bags went out, and another big garbage bag went to charity. My neighbour came over and took all our plants, which was a bit sad as some of them were over 20 years-old and we had nurtured them from seedlings.

The funny thing I’ve noticed about decluttering is that sometimes you can’t make the decision to let go, but if you leave it for three to six months and go back, it becomes a lot easier to release things. I think it’s because we get overwhelmed with decisions, as if a finite number of decisions for one session of decluttering are available, and then you have to leave it for a time. The other trick is not to look at things and just chuck them out, then it doesn’t bother you at all!

Now I have yet another one foot pile of paper to go through and shred or re-stash. It’s a tedious job but I persevere because one year I had about an eight-foot high pile containing a decade of paper to go through and shred. Now I shred each year and every day for small things like envelopes or junk mail.

Isn’t that absolutely fascinating? Ha-ha. There’s is nothing like a cross-country move to make you blather on about organization interminably. Oh, but we are going to be so much lighter when we go.

And what fascinating remarks does the Tarot have today about all this?

ACE OF PENTACLES (Carved rock)


The rock on the Ace is nestled among growing plants and flowers, rooted in the Earth. Hard work gains big and small rewards. The Pentacles are often about money but they have a great emphasis on the practical too. Yes, get rid of four bags of old clothes before you move, much like clearing away rotting detritus so that plants can grow in Spring.

The Empress has many roles to help the pride survive, and she achieves them. She is roaring at the moon in this card, which reminds me of the moon last night, shining into my bedroom so brightly that I could hardly sleep. It was beautiful and exciting all at the same time.

I expect I’ll sleep better tonight having taken some action on getting organized for our move.


Ace of Pentacles/Coins Across Decks

I saw in my statistics page that someone had come to my site searching for images of the Ace of Coins. I thought to myself that this might make an excellent study.

Danger, danger, hours later after searching through dozens of decks and scanning, adjusting, rotating and labelling in Photoshop, I’m a bit punchy. When you’re in a funk, nothing helps like a bit of sorting, categorization, and organization. This was more than a bit, but hey it made for a keenly interesting day.

Dealing mostly with the Rider-Waite model (here used in the Universal Waite deck) I decided that there were three kinds of imagery with this card: the classic “hand of God” approach; the figurative approach related to the theme like in the Golden Tarot; and the pattern and shape decorated or changed similar to a pip in transformation playing cards, like in this marvelous Ace of Pentacles in the Sun and Moon.

In this study I am ignoring the figurative approach, and looking more at the other two.






I don’t see too many people using the Fradella deck but it’s one of my favourites.

















I’ve talked about that Universal Fantasy card before, it reminds me so much of an old brooch.

So that’s it, about 8 hours of work and 39 decks!



Reclaim the Primal Rock

Daily Draw May 22nd, 2013

I had the computer turned off most of the day yesterday as we had terrible thunder storms and rain, plus our contractor was here fixing a few things.

Than at night after the electricity had been off for two hours due to the storms, and came back on, I couldn’t get any pressure in the well. There is a switch that you toggle on the switch box but I couldn’t get it to work. I called the plumber but they couldn’t get out to me so we had to wait until morning. They came right away, fixed the problem, and it was a courtesy call, no charge. I felt so grateful as the last thing we need is another bill we can’t pay.

After the wedding last week I have been getting back on track with eating. Last night with all the anxiety, I just had an apple for dinner and drank lots of water so felt better today. I feel like my body is humming and has some energy.

I need some special supplements, so contacted my naturopath and she suggested a real appointment as well as picking up stuff, so I agreed. I haven’t seen her for eight months so hope we can find a way to get me to sleep better.

14 – BALANCE (Temperance)


Every time I pull out the Wildwood Tarot I realize afresh how much I like it.

What struck me today is a thought with the Balance card: being still and calm in yourself, you sometimes have to deal with parts of your psyche that you would rather not deal with, but if you deny them you can’t absorb and reclaim them. This idea of reclaiming your weaknesses hit me as I have been learning to phone and deal with problems with contractors and such. It’s not so bad, I am not helpless or weak, I can reclaim this part of my psyche. Now that’s an interesting thought.

Balance comes up for me a lot in cards.

The Ace is a lichen-stained rock which reminds me of Lorena Moore’s unusual Lichen Oracle. The Foundation of Life means you are anchored, grounded. It reminds me of a Mountain Mindfulness meditation I find useful – a mountain is solid and all kinds of tempestuous storms and weather and seasons whirl around it but it stands.

This card is about ideas and creating ideas or manifesting wishes, getting things done. The primal rock is a stable point from which to plan and empower your life.

Yup, I feel this balance and underlying power today.