Moving On Under the Moon

Usually when I get a new deck a few cards jump out at me and remind me of cards I know from other decks. In the Badgers Forest Tarot, this only happened to me with one card, perhaps a testimony to the deck’s originality?

At first I thought it was the Fey Tarot it reminded me of, but after two more days the older memory drifted up to me. An old memory from my initial years in tarot when I struggled to cement the meaning of the 8 of Cups in my mind.

VIII OF FOXES (8 of Cups)


Ever since I have called this the “Moving On” card. As things go, any card can have more nuances, especially if you parse something intuitively, but for me, the moment of perception with this card came on a long-ago list with the Eight of Cups when the imagery in the World Spirit Tarot finally clicked it all into place for me.

When I was pulling out the cards I liked from the Badgers Forest, the memory fell into place. See it pilgrims of the moon?

It’s funny, when I was new to tarot I joined a list and spilled out my enthusiasm and wonder. Because of my baby steps and naiveté, the people on the list became quite patronizing. Except I am old in mind in a different way, so being patronized was silly to me. There was a lot of winking and teasing and efforts to make me believe in the things they believed in. I used to get irritable with them. My intellect does not like to be patronized, especially by fatuous people who may be covered in wisdom but lack intellectual depth and curiosity. Never patronize a Queen of Swords, it doesn’t fly.

This is a perfect card for that list. Being there for a time, much of it spent in laughter and learning, it became time to get along, to listen to the moon and walk on.

I made the mistake of going back, but I should have pressed on regardless of my fondness for some of the people there. It didn’t work the second time either. The lone fox, the lone pilgrim, is simply the way they are inside, under the moon, the light they know.