Bertie Examines New Horizons With His Sharp Sight



Bertie is moving on from his job at the Soda Pop Factory, to discover his destiny.

While bottling pop today, the word “perspicacious” popped into his mind and wouldn’t leave. After his lunch and a consultation with the big dictionary in the employee’s lounge, Bertie also had the phrase “keenly discerning” going through his mind. He realized from this new perspective that bottling pop was not what he should be doing with his life.

On afternoon break he handed in his notice and they told him to leave the premises immediately, fearing that Bertie’s sharp-sighted analysis of such limiting work would infect his co-workers. Pay them no mind Bertie, press onward to discovery!

Bertie thinks he might like to write anacrostic puzzles for the local newspaper and perhaps take up sewing.



Moving On Under the Moon

Usually when I get a new deck a few cards jump out at me and remind me of cards I know from other decks. In the Badgers Forest Tarot, this only happened to me with one card, perhaps a testimony to the deck’s originality?

At first I thought it was the Fey Tarot it reminded me of, but after two more days the older memory drifted up to me. An old memory from my initial years in tarot when I struggled to cement the meaning of the 8 of Cups in my mind.

VIII OF FOXES (8 of Cups)


Ever since I have called this the “Moving On” card. As things go, any card can have more nuances, especially if you parse something intuitively, but for me, the moment of perception with this card came on a long-ago list with the Eight of Cups when the imagery in the World Spirit Tarot finally clicked it all into place for me.

When I was pulling out the cards I liked from the Badgers Forest, the memory fell into place. See it pilgrims of the moon?

It’s funny, when I was new to tarot I joined a list and spilled out my enthusiasm and wonder. Because of my baby steps and naiveté, the people on the list became quite patronizing. Except I am old in mind in a different way, so being patronized was silly to me. There was a lot of winking and teasing and efforts to make me believe in the things they believed in. I used to get irritable with them. My intellect does not like to be patronized, especially by fatuous people who may be covered in wisdom but lack intellectual depth and curiosity. Never patronize a Queen of Swords, it doesn’t fly.

This is a perfect card for that list. Being there for a time, much of it spent in laughter and learning, it became time to get along, to listen to the moon and walk on.

I made the mistake of going back, but I should have pressed on regardless of my fondness for some of the people there. It didn’t work the second time either. The lone fox, the lone pilgrim, is simply the way they are inside, under the moon, the light they know.



Determined Fighter Guy Gets a Move On

Two more cards in this deck stuck together, so who am I to disregard that?

8 OF CHALICES (Opportunity)


They’ve got it wrong, the real name of the Knight is Mr. Harum-Scarum, a particular buddy of mine and frequent visitor.

Here he is hoping to inspire my husband to charge around getting some things fixed in the home. He promised me that he would make calls and sort things out while he was on holidays. I will believe it when it happens, although with the Law of Attraction one is supposed to believe it first and then it will happen.

The 8 of Chalices, the Moving On card as I call it, is also about profitable dealings according to this deck, as well as ending one relationship and beginning a much better one. Perhaps I should trust the Knight this time?

I had three hours of sleep last night so not feeling great. I seem to be in a sleepless cycle again. Oh to find some peace. I keep wishing The Fighter will save me, but I suppose it’s unrealistic. Barring that I will read some new books and drink some fruit. Today was the crap shoot of banana, nectarine and strawberry, tumbling through the sky.


The Esprit de Parti Bottlenecks

Daily Draw June 24th, 2012

Instead of a Daily Draw yesterday I did a post on my other blog about a lovely silver plate spoon. Too much excitement!


This is from the always wonderful PoMo Tarot by Brian Williams, and the inspiration came from Renoir’s 1876 painting Le Moulin de la Galette.

All I saw with this one was excess, because yesterday I made the mistake of eating a cheese omelette and oven fries and was sick all afternoon and evening because of it, along with muscle pain, a headache, and chills. Feasting and carousing, and the conviviality of celebration can lead you to forget that you should not be eating certain things, as they make you sick.

So it’s back to moving away from this pattern of excess for me.


The Blush of Release

Daily Draw October 5th, 2011


Oh that Casanova, always up to something. Here he is with actress Teresa Imer as his friend and patron Venetian senator Alvise Malipiero walks in on the event, or the big event as the case may be. The Senator had designs on Teresa and when he walked in on them both, she and Casanova were banished from his house. Casanova lost a valuable patron, and this was the first of many incidents where he betrayed people’s trust in him, always on the move, always needing a new patron.

What I saw here today was shame. I saw my old boss yesterday who turned 70, so we had a little tea party, and we were talking about work and how things hadn’t changed after almost a decade, and it was nice. I didn’t get nightmares from it, nor did I become agitated or sad or feel shame or anything. I had definitely moved on, which is a relief to me every time I become aware of it.

Not quite an orgasmic release but perhaps a body-blushing feeling of calm. Hahahaha. I was zooming around tidying the house and my neighbour and I had our walk and I did have quite a blush on yesterday, it took me hours to calm down. I really think the walking is helping me release negative mental energy and yet build up physical energy.

Gliding With the King of Birds

Daily Draw December 8th, 2010

Having glued four collaged bookmarks that I am making for Christmas gifts, I weight them with books and grab some cards.

Two cards seemed to want to come out today. These are from Shadowscapes:


Isn’t it odd how I keep getting The Sun in draws? The Eight of Cups comes up every now and then across decks too. Leave things behind, move on, and follow the sun!

I guess I’m not getting the message.

Interestingly, the seeker on the Eight is diving down to sunless depths of personal discovery where everything is smooth and fluid. Let the weariness ripple away.

The Sun almost seems like a contradiction to that, but the King of Birds is simply gliding in a different realm, one of light and air. Vitality and good health (he must fly with Raven), vigor and strength blaze across the sky.

They balance each other, each has their own glow. But I do think that after my dip I shall have a little fly in the nourishing light of The Sun.