Bubbly Fish Victory

When I first saw this card it reminded me of Delirium in the Sandman comics, hence the bubble reference.



With the big fish on her head, the little fish hail her as Queen. An odd little painting which makes this archetype unusual. Who knows what goes on in the depths?

I do feel pleased and victorious after finally getting around to straightening out my blogs. I’ve got some new sketchbooks and art supplies that I was waiting for and I have several sewing projects on the go.

Slightly hampered by nerve pain in my arm, I am moving as slowly as someone does when immersed in water, but Queenie knows that eventually you can get where you are going. accompanied by lovely coloured fish and rays of the sun beaming through the surface.


May the Mojo Hand Protect You

This looks quite auspicious. I managed to go back to sleep this morning after waking early. I might credit working a digital jigsaw of the Animalis Os Fortuna deck and Megan’s other deck the Azúcar Bone Oracle from a picture on her Etsy site. I always like to work jigsaws of decks while I wait for them. I wanted both decks but could only afford one, therefore I puzzle it.

Besides, who does not like a photograph of a deck with props and/or attendant figures? My thing, everybody sing. And I had to pull out a tray in the program to get all the coloured bits sorted and in place. Now I just have the joy of connecting those black and white patterns. Such a lovely deck of pattern and line. I had to stop because even with a tendon cuff this hurts my hand after a while but I did a bit which was joyous.

(Click to enlarge)


ACE OF SPADES – Protection from the mojo hand


The Six of Wands means victory to me, my favourite being the one that cemented this archetype in my mind, dear old Bertie on the Six of Wands in the Victoria Regina deck. Honours and perhaps successful team effort too.

The mojo hand is a hoodoo symbol. It’s like a charm you carry, the fire forming a ring of protection I expect from bad ju-ju. A friend of mine in South Africa is living where they are having riots and what they term “xenophobic” violence these past days. It’s pretty frightening as it seems to have gotten out of hand and people are being killed.

I offer up the mojo hand for her along with thoughts of victory over violence. My city isn’t burning, imagine how it would feel if yours was?



Victory Under the Lightning



Four hours of sleep.

My husband keeps bringing home junk food again. I feel sick, my blood sugar is up and I’ve got edema. It’s odd that if a person is noticeably dying physically, the other person seems to reinforce this, almost to want it. It’s like they are deliberately, systematically trying to kill you.

He laughs when I look at him when I find this garbage food he has brought home. Why is it funny to kill someone? I had zero appetite for the junk so managed to avoid most of it, but it’s in the cupboard now.

This is a card of victory, and I especially liked this bit from the book:

The solution lies in the mind

Decision-making and effort. Don’t underestimate the obstacles placed in the way.

There is something rather eerie about the reflections in the water in this image. The old boat lurking in the reeds, the murky reflection, somewhat sinister.

I guess I’d better look up “enablers” and “co-dependency” and see about ways to change our pattern. It has become much worse since I’ve been unable to physically do things in the last three years. My husband does almost everything, including going out while I stay inside. Even when I get up to get a glass of water, he won’t let me, it gets a bit creepy. I was going to put some laundry in the dryer last night and he rushed right in to do it, making me a bit hesitant, wondering what the heck was going on.

My naturopath told me I had trouble with boundaries. In reading about co-dependency I feel a bit sad for my husband, we both have a lot of the symptoms. I suppose we’ve been avoiding it, letting it roll on, but it’s doing damage. That word, it’s about other people, but really it’s us. Awareness.

Compassion must go both ways. Reflections.



The Big Whirly Bug of Success

Feeling slightly better today, day 6 of the vegan diet. So far no Tylenol and only 1/2 an allergy pill. I got all my vegan cookbooks and informational books today in the mail plus the Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot. I’m just going to keep plugging away. I have started a daily diary for the vegan diet to track symptom flare-ups if they are food –related and I started an diary for my exercise bike so I can also keep track of symptoms and the amount of exercise I am able to do.



Trumpeting success, the Queen’s elephant statue sends her off on a big whirly bug. The landscape seems rather bleak, but her spirits are high, she is flying toward victory.

AND she has a lot less pain. Whew, not a bad day at all.



Harmonious Posturing, Humming Like Eurrhypara hortulata

Daily Draw June 10th, 2013

I had a fabulous day yesterday. I finally hooked the spouse up with his brother on Skype after four months. Then I did some artwork and discovered a new moth!

Back to Monday, alas. Lunch Bag Letdown.

6 OF STICKS (6 of Wands)


Victory, victory! Notice how in tune with their environment these chaps are? Their harmonious posturing speaks to me of cogs fitting together, of people working together and things moving as they should, with flexibility and grace.

So the trick is not to let yourself feel let down on Monday, but to continue on with the dance.


Another Swimmer

Daily Draw March 14th, 2013

Well, I’m swimming in it this week.



Am I the only person who thinks that the London Eye ferris wheel is a bit of an eyesore? I knew one fellow who lived outside of London and he hated the thing, and I used to wonder why, but now it’s starting to bug me! It never used to bother me but it seems to be in the way a lot; this great, bloody, goofy wheel down at the harbour blighting photographs….

I’ve been up since 4 a.m. working on a file of poetry favourites and attendant graphics for my Dad. Eleven poems and twenty-one pages. I couldn’t get the thing out of my mind until I finished it. Several of the poems were ones my Dad used to read aloud for us when we were young so it’s a bit sad. Anyway, I hope they may give him some pleasure and comfort in his new care home.

And that is perhaps the victory this card suggests. Now I am back to beta testing a program for a programmer I sometimes work with. So far it is flawless, this guy is an excellent programmer and so inventive and imaginative.

I’m tired. I can tell this is going to be one of those days when I nod off in the chair. And then a cat will start roaring in my ear for food, or a dog will dance for food, or to go out, or just because he’s excited to hear Benjamin Britten’s Serenade for Tenor, Horn, and Strings on the radio.

As aren’t we all. Wake up out there Echo is calling!



Victorious, with the Abs to Prove It

Daily Draw December 20th, 2012

I got quite a bit done yesterday, but in the end a technique I was trying did not work out and I had to rip back my knitting as I need a double-pointed needle set with five needles and a shorter length to do this technique and I don’t have one. Another month perhaps? I got the centre of my doll quilt finished though.

Still, it puts a damper on my creativity, and my Dad is in the hospital which is worrying.



The Victory Guy is telling me not to worry, the merry-go-round is mine.

Maybe this is a nod to equilibrium? Look at the symmetry of his body, he is well balanced, strong in the balance of the body. With equilibrium and persistence, he attains what he wants.

Equilibrium reminds me of my legs, which bother me after using the sewing machine. Sigh. I’m not feeling it Victory Guy.