The Ripples of Transition

I drew this at the end of the day today. Last night due to a financial worry, I got three hours of sleep, broken into fragments. I finally got hold of my banking rep. to discuss a few things, and she said it would all work out but everything was fine.



Then I went to the post office to change our address yet again, and all told we have paid $170 or so in postal fees for mail forwarding and holding mail during our cross-country move. Unbelievable. We then went to a specialty shop to buy beds. Decades ago we received a nice wooden bed and new mattress set as a wedding gift. It was stolen from a storage locker four or five years later, and ever since we have made do with $99 bone-wracking cheap mattresses from Sears.

Our last sets were completely worn with springs coming through and dust, and they hurt to sleep on, so this time we bought decent mattresses and proper platforms and mattress covers, pillows, and sheets from the specialty shop. I didn’t blink at the price because we deserve these things.

One eye-opening aspect of living in motels for seven weeks, was sleeping on proper beds and mattresses, and the difference it made in comfort but also my chronic back pain. The transition, the journey, has been about more than simply physically moving house, it was about how we lay on beds of swords all these past years, in many ways.

No more. Coming home from the wars like the chap on the card, we learn to change in our new chapter of life.




The Fundamental Ambiguity of Being Human

Hoot man, I have been so busy receiving used books that I bought (outlined on my other blog) that I forgot to use my cards for a few days. We can’t be having that.

One of the best books I bought recently was Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change by Pema Chodron; ISBN 9781611800760; 2012


I have several of her books but this one was a recent revelation. Some pertinent thoughts from the book:

– Impermanence: we try to put solid ground under our feet in an ever-shifting world.
– Your fixed identity and stories are denial – you can’t hear or see anything that doesn’t fit into your fixed identity.
– When things start to fall apart in your life, you feel as if your whole world is crumbling, but actually it’s your fixed identity that is crumbling. It is a fixed-identity crisis only.
-The real cause of suffering is not to be able to tolerate uncertainty.
– The urge to find relief from these feelings by clinging to something that gives us pleasure. Our discomfort and feelings that things are not “right” occurs because we want some feeling or situation to last longer or go away.
– Fundamental ambiguity of being human is always there.

At this time, when I was feeling anxious about changes with retirement, health, our bathroom renovation, and hopefully moving next year, this book was just right. It meant so much to me and clearly addresses some of the thoughts I’ve been having as well as emotional eating.

To go with this I pull…the lovely 6 of Swords. How apt as I go forward on my journey through fundamental ambiguity.



Watch out for floating giraffes and buttons on your journey. Whew, I’m glad I was warned about this tricky aspect of moving forward in life.

Fully prepared I can forge on, secure in my citizenship.

Happy Sunday!




Gold Lettering in Pleasant Valley Sunday

Oh man the things that happen. It’s Sunday and I woke up thinking about the songs Pleasant Valley Sunday and Sunday Will Never Be the Same—both hits when I was about 11. I was going to listen to the originals at YouTube and then pulled back from the Wayback Machine. Danger, danger.

Then I was talking to Jessica Shanahan about her deck Tarot of the Absurd and realized that I didn’t remember which card she had signed for me as a title card. Jess uses proofs or prints with slight mistakes for these signed cards. What a wonderful way not to waste them.

Someone got a bit creeped out by the 9 of Blades signed for them, which Jess calls the Prodigal Dreamer, and that fresh idea sent me rocketing to the moon and made me think of poor old Lord Rhoop in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis. He was the one trapped on the Dark Island, the island where dreams come true, which sounds like a bit of all right until you start thinking about the weird dreams you have had over the years, all of them to be revisited again and again on the Dark Island.

Yeah, like that dream where The Thing (from the original movie) was walking through the backyard of my childhood home saying in a disembodied voice “Ray dee, Radiation Eve.” Oooh, not that one. That happened when I was about 11 and also during this time I also reread The Chronicles of Narnia many times.

It all fits, it all comes full circle. And my particular signed card in the Absurd deck is:



I love it. The guy in his little boat reminds me of Reepicheep the mouse in his little coracle, sailing off at the end of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Do these tie-ins get any better, I ask you?

I’m on a riff, a prodigal dream of childhood and fear, the dream journey, the journey without a paddle, yawing as the wind takes me.



A Trio in Gardens by the Bay

I felt like using the Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot today, and since I’m on this digital jigsaw kick to keep myself sane, I went looking for a backdrop of Singapore to use, since that’s where Ash, the creator of the deck, lives.

I stumbled across the very interesting Gardens by the Bay, which was built on 101 hectares of reclaimed land and has three waterfront gardens, a conservatory complex, and this awe-inspiring Supertrees Grove, in which the tree structures are actually vertical gardens. The grove reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s columns in the building he designed and built for the Johnson Wax Company.

I got the card deck out and decided to wing it and just browse and pick three cards.

2 OF HEARTS ( 2 of Cups)
JACK OF SPADES (Knight of Swords)
6 OF SPADES (6 of Swords)


I almost put the Jack of Spades back, in fact I did twice put him back because he has always frightened me. Then I said to myself “Perhaps you should confront the one you fear” and bravely pulled him out again.

He is Ash’s familiar Lytta, as she calls him, and he is her guide. I remember her talking about him years ago so went and hunted that up (or one post anyway) and she describes his tears of painted ink: he hides the sorrow he feels for us with this act of painting his skin to make himself look hideous.

So maybe Lytta is on my side after all? And here I was thinking him to be the embodiment of odious evil. Maybe this is a nod to looking deeper into people before you say they are good or bad. I often pull the Knight of Swords, so maybe Lytta really is trying to get me to see him?

The 2 of Hearts is often about relationships, marriage, good friendships. Sharing and being open. That’s a good thought for today.

The 6 of Spades is one I usually call the Journey Card. Sometimes we are forced on the journey. Are those swords on the ground or crosses? I think I am being forced on a journey, having spent the last few days ill, and having to pull right back to eating fruit and raw vegetables. The brick wall at my back leaves me no choice, but there do seem to be stepping stones or swords available if I go forward.

Of course, I couldn’t close without a shot of the jigsaw puzzle being solved. Lytta is hiding on me, he likes a bit of a game you see, especially with people who assume he is a bad fellow.


That would be me.



Raphael Says “Hi” and Gives Me a Nudge

Daily Draw March 2nd, 2012


This is the angel Raphael gently guiding, healing and teaching.

Marie mentions the caduceus in this card  and says it is associated with Hermes Trismagistus (sic).

Hmmm…beg to differ…the Staff of Asclepius is associated with healing and has one snake like the staff in this painting, and the caduceus with two snakes is associated with the god Hermes who is not Hermes Trismegistus. People get mixed up. Early societies differentiated between Hermes and Hermes Trismegistus. Our modern society uses the caduceus as a medical symbol but it should more properly be a rod of Asclepius.

Sue me for noticing. I did in this post too.

Hermes Trismegistus  (the proper spelling) is however a psychopomp (or sometimes is when tied-in to Thoth, another skewy new-Age amalgamation) which ties in nicely to Raphael leading people about and is not mentioned in the book for this deck unfortunately.

I like that idea on this card. Guidance and healing and a hint of divine protection.

Raphael apparently likes dogs too.

Orpheus and Charon Shop for Dog Collars

Daily Draw September 1st, 2009

A new month and another card from the slap-dab delicious Silenus Tarot.

My husband very kindly gave me the money to buy two decks after our ordeal with the car accident, so I have the Intuitive Tarot and the Lo Scarabeo Celtic Tarot on order and should get them in about 3 weeks.

While I find some of the faces in the Intuitive a bit frightful, her artwork is so good and the ideas in the cards refreshing so I ordered it after seeing a friend using it on his blog. The Celtic is one I’ve had on and off my wish list several times, but that card with the Washer at the Ford still gets to me two years later, and I like the characters in the deck. It just seems very interesting, and to have lots of mythological stories and such.

This card just fell out while I was shuffling the Silenus deck so I nabbed it. I first learned of Silenus about 45 years ago while reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. When the White Witch is defeated, the snow melts, spring comes, and Bachus, Silenus and their wild girls run and dance through Narnia.


A journey and Orpheus again. This is Charon taking Orpheus to the Underworld across the River Styx. “You may need to travel in order to overcome your problems.” The wonderful Orpheus did not pay Charon for his ride, he charmed him with music from his lyre. Clever Orpheus.

It could refer to riding in a car again to combat the small fear I have developed, or it could refer to travelling to a dealership to buy another car. Perhaps a bit of both. Also, my health has improved greatly but I still have a journey to take with that.

If you look carefully at the portal that the boat is going toward, you can see Cerberus standing there–a nice touch to the card. It reminds me of anticipating trouble or fear and how one should stay in the moment and not daydream trouble or become apprehensive by boxing at shadows.