Gold Lettering in Pleasant Valley Sunday

Oh man the things that happen. It’s Sunday and I woke up thinking about the songs Pleasant Valley Sunday and Sunday Will Never Be the Same—both hits when I was about 11. I was going to listen to the originals at YouTube and then pulled back from the Wayback Machine. Danger, danger.

Then I was talking to Jessica Shanahan about her deck Tarot of the Absurd and realized that I didn’t remember which card she had signed for me as a title card. Jess uses proofs or prints with slight mistakes for these signed cards. What a wonderful way not to waste them.

Someone got a bit creeped out by the 9 of Blades signed for them, which Jess calls the Prodigal Dreamer, and that fresh idea sent me rocketing to the moon and made me think of poor old Lord Rhoop in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis. He was the one trapped on the Dark Island, the island where dreams come true, which sounds like a bit of all right until you start thinking about the weird dreams you have had over the years, all of them to be revisited again and again on the Dark Island.

Yeah, like that dream where The Thing (from the original movie) was walking through the backyard of my childhood home saying in a disembodied voice “Ray dee, Radiation Eve.” Oooh, not that one. That happened when I was about 11 and also during this time I also reread The Chronicles of Narnia many times.

It all fits, it all comes full circle. And my particular signed card in the Absurd deck is:



I love it. The guy in his little boat reminds me of Reepicheep the mouse in his little coracle, sailing off at the end of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Do these tie-ins get any better, I ask you?

I’m on a riff, a prodigal dream of childhood and fear, the dream journey, the journey without a paddle, yawing as the wind takes me.