That Chipper Bower Bird

This Seven of Pentacles is one of my favourite cards from the Linestrider Tarot.



I was thinking about my sketchbook and how I haven’t been working in it although I have a terrific idea I want to execute, so I drew these two cards in a query about what I should do.

The Seven is about hard work and waiting for fruition. It reminds me of something I saw in a book by Andrew Matthews about waiting for water to boil and thinking that nothing is going on when in actual fact there is, and in an instant the water starts bubbling and boiling even though you were watching it and it was not moving at all. It’s a long-term thing, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Then I see the Five card as a complication of injury, a loss of belief in myself and confidence, and maybe yet another nod to future ill health if I don’t do something now. Maybe all the physical stuff is coming to an end and I can work hard again?

I think when I am in pain I do get disheartened and certainly lose confidence, but the cheery bower bird plugs away, chipping away, adding just the right flowers and decoration.


The Raggedy Cranks



I rarely pull this card but I laughed today because this is what we feel like. An interesting angle in this deck is marital disharmony, which I don’t usually think of with this card. It’s usually about destitution or not finding help, being crippled by a situation, that sort of thing.

Nothing says “disharmony” like living in a motel room with nowhere to go. We haven’t switched time zones yet physically, and it’s wreaking havoc with our energy levels. I’ve hurt my back falling asleep in the chair early at night. Silly.

The smaller images in the five coins depict marriage, love, argument and then losing their home. In essence they ARE crippled by circumstances, a struggle to survive loss or loss of money. Our money is draining away on essentials because everything is packed away.

So, maybe simply awareness today of feeling this way. Sigh.



Scorpion Claws Bite the Air of Desire

I just discovered the world of Midori journals and what they call “fauxdori” journals which are Midori-type journals you make yourself. They are expensive, being made of leather, so I was trying to figure out how to do one in fabric and interface it enough to be like a leather cover.

Mostly, it was making inserts for it that appealed to me: sewing little folders and booklets and making pocket folders and such, maybe using art paper for a journal insert.

I don’t have the money or energy for this but I keep learning and looking. Another thing I didn’t know about last week and then the world opened up into this chasm of delight and creativity. Amazing what people do.

Here is what cards have to say about this new interest.



Yeah, the old scorpion of desire biting you in the leg sort of thing.

Desire is a slippery slope of browsing and yearning for things you don’t have. He could be happy sunning on a rock, but he’s grasping at ideas, trying to pull more and more into his life, spending money and hankering for things that are always just out of reach.

He’s getting cranky, he might bite if you come closer.



That Poor Kitty with the Bad Leg

This card is always a bit fraught and sad, but with the cats depicted, particularly the small one with the bandaged leg, it seems even more poignant.



Maybe about feelings of lack and feelings that no one cares? We all get in that rut I expect, but often outsiders can’t help anyway, it’s just something you have to get through.

Also, are you really suffering or is it all in your mind? Failing to see positive things in your surroundings can bring on this feeling. A good way out is to just start doing something, and putt along building momentum. Self-esteem, inner impoverishment, a good day for feeding the soul with happy music and books.

The card reminds me that I’m tired of snow and would like to get out in the garden. There IS a slow momentum, a feeling of weariness with snow at this time of year.



The Sky of Worryville

V OF CROWS (5 of Pentacles)


Look at that sky!! The churning mind, the churning stomach of worry seems to embody the sky. Yes, I’ve been procrastinating again so now I’m feeling anxious. I took two days off for both my birthday and reading a book so now I have to play catch-up.

She also says “unforeseen loss” with this card and it reminds me of my cat Stitch, struggling to stay alive and now down to about 5 raggedy pounds of bone. Here he is on an old pillow to keep him comfortable as he has no body fat to keep him warm and cushion his bones. He is admiring my birthday flowers and my new floor lamp in cushioned safety.

That crow is looking down at Stitch, it worries me too.


I’d better get cracking and work on my project so I can finish it to mail in three days. Stitch, my ever faithful friend on his pillow, will be sitting there as I work.

Stay with me, stay grounded under turbulent skies little man.



The Shoe Swap Diggers

Daily Draw October 10th, 2012

It’s strange because yesterday after pulling The Fool and remarking on his dog, I got an e-mail from an animal shelter I had sent an e-mail to last week inquiring about a dog. I sent in an application form, but there is no picture of the dog and they didn’t provide details on him. Most shelters charge a lot for dogs but this shelter is more reasonable.

So, it’s like a Fool leap of faith. My husband is planning drop in and try to see the dog and get more information on his way to work. But it’s kind of scary not knowing anything.


I drew this card as a general look-see about this dog. These two have really dug a hole financially for themselves. The interesting thing, which I only noticed after looking more carefully at the card today, is that they seem to have swapped shoes: she is wearing his clunky shoes, and he is wearing her high heels. Maybe she tried wearing the boots in the family and still came up short financially?

Lack of funds is an equitable state of life, as is digging holes. So in relation to adopting a dog, I see money flying out of my clutch, money that we don’t have.

Their hair looks like jester caps—those Fools!


Follow the String of Reason

Daily Draw September 11th, 2012


This is the Labyrinth at Knossos on the Island of Crete. Not for the first time do I wish I had the Minotarot, but it is too expensive and rare now. I love mythology and was thinking about Hercules upon awakening because I caught a clip of the Hercules cartoon that was done in 1962 and that I watched as a kid, and I still remember the theme song.

Come on Herc, come on Herc, let’s get out of this labyrinth. Come Hercules, come Theseus with your string. I think I am going through a detox as I have the headache from hell. Fortunately my edema is going away again. Holidays are great but we do tend not to eat properly. It’s nice to get back into a routine.

Many people never get out of the labyrinth. The ball of string of my mind must find a way.