Cherry Blossoms Club Me

Capital of the United States
In spring, thousands of cherry trees bloom in the nation’s capital.


Well isn’t that pretty? This is a lovely illustration and she’s done a true transformation with the suit symbols in their conventional places.

I thought we had a cherry tree out in the front yard, but it turned out to be a full apple tree. We have three apples on it this year.

Maybe this card is about seeing things that may not be there, or missing things that are? How many people bustle about and forget to notice the cherry trees in bloom?




The Framing of Ashes

After mentioning that I’d like to get this piece of art framed, we got some holiday money that we can use for that, so I’m going to get it done and not have to wait for Christmas!

I need to fix some of the contrast on this and generally tweak it before I get it framed but I am quite excited to have the opportunity to have it finished and hanging, like real art, not just an exercise, a daub, a half-finished idea.

I picked three random cards to go with this:


Jack of Clubs (Knight of Wands)
Three of Diamonds (3 of Pentacles)
5 of Clubs (5 of Wands)

Well, the Three is about reward for work, and in this case, the edges of the coins remind me of frames. The flowers echo the flowers in my picture, the bare feet are daring to touch the truth, daring to feel in order to create something good, treading the path, going somewhere. Some things have to be earned.

The Jack of Clubs has a skin much like the gecko skin, and he is all fire and action, snarling if you don’t arise and do things. Snarling because you won’t take a chance, impatient with your lack of movement.

The 5 carries a sadness, the loss of connection, the inability to raise someone from the dead. Here lies Ash, but she inspires me still. Because I did this picture and I’m getting it framed, it will sit on my wall and remind me that Art is a choice and takes time and loss, but the fire leads to solidity and holding the dream, coins engraved with the natural world, your nature, finally visible.



Stop Worrying the Cat Up a Tree

Daily Draw August 8th, 2012

I am again still working on the Play Architecture card for this week so I pulled another lovely card from the Blue Dog Rose Tarot.

V OF DOGS (5 of Clubs; 5 of Wands)


It’s a feeling of not quite getting there, and things not going as planned, the right combination or attitude is just out of reach.She says in the LWB that this can also be an unrealized idea or mental block and a feeling of being unable to proceed.

I am supposed to be finishing a necklace and earring set but I am having trouble sitting down and doing it. I am like this dog, worrying the cat up a tree, focused on the tail but not getting anywhere. She also mentions “competition” in the write-up and I wonder if I feel I have to compete and make the greatest necklace that ever appeared on earth instead of just getting the thing done and making something nice?

Stop it Judith, down girl.


The Preposterous Loom

Daily Draw November 21st, 2010

I’ve been up since 4:30–had to roll my jigsaw puzzle up to get the drafting board free for warping the loom. Now everything’s ready and I’ve done my mathematical calculations as to how wide and long the piece I’m going to weave will be. I only have two small balls of sock yarn so I couldn’t do as much as I wanted and had to fiddle with the figures, trying to get the optimum amount without running out of yarn.

All around us dangers wait,
worse than any thriller:
somewhere hidden in a field
there lurks a cereal killer.

Something tells me these lads are ready to sley their reed.


The 5 of Clubs is a neutral card meaning agreements, perhaps people living together in agreement and sharing the same point of view, shaking hands, a contract etc. It can also mean commitments and I’m committed to getting this loom warped so that I can start weaving.

I guess the spouse and I aren’t going to battle it out today. How nice 5 of Clubs, would you like a bickie? Perhaps a wheat bickie, with freshly ground wheat and some rodent droppings?