More Animals Who Like Envelopes

That goodly fellow, Steve Bright, alerted me to these twice and I wasn’t sure because I’ve got a lot of animal decks already. I was thinking of buying the app for it, but I do like an actual card to hold.

Today I find myself dithering over buying two books on painting with acrylics. So while looking at books this deck came to mind and I saw a sample online of the 3 of Swords. I mentioned yesterday how particular I was about the art on the 3 of Swords and there is a poignant and painful depiction on the card:


It takes me a while to think about spending money on things, so I’m thinking on it.

Meanwhile I made some envelopes. I understand that animal totems enjoy hand decorated envelopes, which might persuade me to buy this deck.




Look Boss, the Plane, the Plane



One of my objections in decks with new art is the devotion to the conventional image of the heart stabbed by three swords on the 3 of Swords. This card’s more inventive, thank you Lo Scarabeo, for being you!

I started to feel sick today with a funny headache and sniffles. After buying some kraft paper to make envelopes and drawing and colouring motifs on one, plus going for a dog walk, I felt slightly better but still not myself.

My husband and I have developed some poor patterns over the years and this plane reminds me of weathering the marital storm. After moving and thinking everything would change, it hasn’t. We are having difficulties as always on some matters. We are feeling that turbulence.

However, I’m starting to think that painting a tree silhouette in the foyer might help. Of course, that’s just THE solution!



Tri-Sacred Blades of Delusion

My insomnia has become so bad and now I have all over nerve pain from head to ankles, layered over chronic muscle tension, pelvic and knee pain. Today I am fasting. I have had some fresh fruit juice, but I’m mostly drinking room temperature plain water or warm water with a bit of fresh lemon.

I always look to the Ironwing Tarot first with regard to health. For some reason it has that ability to look at what’s really going on. I know it’s food and perhaps additives, preservatives, weight gain but…

THREE OF BLADES (3 of Swords)


The shrikes and thorns (shrikes impale their prey on thorns) are like immediate stabbing pain. The trident carries with it double-bladed words of truth, it cuts through illusions that are obstacles. The trefoil window shows one pane missing, one cracked, and one broken.

I resonated with this thought from Lorena:

“Even the fear of ‘What if…?’ is exposed as a delusion.

I thought it would be interesting to explore the exact meanings of delusion and illusion. That’s the Blade of intellect and analysis kicking in. Rightly so.

Delusion = Latin deludere = de = from, away + ludere = to play; To mislead or deceive the mind.

Illusion = Latin illusio = mocking, deceit; comes from illudere = to make sport of; comes from in=toward, against + ludere = to play.

In the Tarot of the Absurd, with wings flying off, this angel seems to be all sinew and self-stabbing defeatism. The knives cause pain and cut his anchor.

In the Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot, the woman in the 3 of Spades seems to be sacrificing herself at the altar of pain. She has dressed it up with candles and pretty clothes, but she is still sacrificing herself.

Delusions mislead, illusions make fun of you or you play against yourself perhaps. Not actually nice things to do to yourself, are they?

Maybe that’s the message here: that I can’t pretend or I mock myself. Either do it or don’t do it, heal or die, but don’t go around in this continual loop of delusion regarding health.



Pain is a Black Illusion of the Mind Mr. Crow

“Up and at ‘Em Judy” they call me. Firing up the lawnmower at 11 a.m. after the grass had dried, to do another 90 x 100 foot swatch.

I found my energy flagging, so started shouting out Louise Hay-ish affirmations about blood and lymph and oxygen and being strong and having stamina and strength and flexible tendons, muscles and ligaments. Crazy woman in an old straw hat tied on with a shoelace, shouting things about blood and muscles. What will the neighbours say? “There she goes again!” maybe?

Eventually I had to stop, but I got somewhere at least and moved some oxygen around the body. Ain’t so bad Rock.

WIND – 3 ISOLATION (3 of Swords)



Oooh he’s mad ‘cause I was making so much noise mowing the lawn that he couldn’t grab and eat baby grackles from the nest.

Too bad crow baby, I’m on the move in the big savanna of my backyard grass. You can be Black Monday and fly away, leaving me perfectly happy to be isolated in the beach in your place.

Pain is an illusion of the mind, as is isolation.



Anchors Away

Daily Draw April 28th, 2013

It’s a bit frazzling to do a home renovation. The worst of it is coming this week when he puts the tile floors down because we have to move the appliances into the living room and all the stuff off the sun porch and not use that area while the cement and tiling and everything sets and cures. This cuts me off from my basement too.

So, I had to take a break from worrying and make some beads for a wedding outfit yesterday. I realized it was bothering me that I hadn’t finished the necklace and earrings for my outfit and time was running out. I felt a lot better for starting that. I can work on it in the living room when the contractor is here.

3 OF BLADES (3 of Swords)


Another refreshingly different card from Jessica Shanahan. I belong to the “No, no, no, not the stabbed heart on the 3 of Swords!” group. I can’t stand it when people follow the conventional Rider-Waite depiction on this card.

Clipped wings or wings torn away from the body or pulling the body, but I was mesmerized by the lower anchor shape being cut, as if the person’s moorings were sliced away. There is also the suggestion of a forked tail there, reminding me of the Devil, and the bitter, obsessive thoughts connected to this card.

It can also be a card of great release and moving somewhere else: you float when the anchor goes. The idea that an experience can be painful yet beneficial is here. Let it go.

Good thoughts for this day.



In the Pink and Apricot Sky

Daily Draw March 17th, 2013

I am reading a book called Paris, My Sweet by Amy Thomas which gets varying reviews but sounded interesting to me. I love reading travel memoirs and this one is based on sweets and chocolatiers, which is not something I have interest or knowledge about, so I’ll give it a go. My idea of a good chocolate time is Cadbury’s milk chocolate, and that infrequently.


For today I picked some decks I haven’t used for a while: The Secret Language of Color Cards which has wonderful photography, guaranteed to pick your mood up when you get another inch of snow on the ground; and the Sacred Sites Tarot which was a disappointment to me when I first received it, but has all kinds of things I know nothing about.



Rejoice and laugh seems a good thought for Sunday. I managed to get down on the floor to groom Izzy the Newf on one side of her legs and pantaloons, and she loves the closeness of grooming, loves the attention. Then I cut my husband’s hair and we’re going to have a nice salad and sandwich for lunch. The sun is streaming in our south-facing living room window so much that we had to crack a window open it got so hot. A sure sign that Spring is coming.

The book also mentions that Apricot releases irrational fears and anxiety and I was up at 4:30 a.m. taking my homeopathic pills for anxiety so this seemed apt as well. Creativity, fun and vitality and joy. Perfect.

The 3 of Swords depicts an incident in Tunguska, Siberia in 1908 where about 60 million trees were knocked down by an explosion. The card looks like it might be suggesting a meteor, but no crater was found and no one has an explanation for this event according to the booklet with the deck.

I am not a fan of spooky, paranormal explanations for things. According to the Wikipedia article on this event, it was caused by the air-burst of a meteorite, and given a similar event recently in Russia, that seems likely to me. The 3 of Swords is often about mental anguish and sadness, and this might tie into irrational fears and the Apricot today.

Don’t you love how the two cards both actually have an apricot colour? Rejoice and laugh, the Universe loves colour jokes. The pink tones tie into the book I am reading. Is there an apricot chocolate truffle I wonder? Yes, there are some recipes available.

God likes a bit of an apricot choco truffle on a Sunday I expect.


You Can Take It, And You Can Shovel It Away, Like Snow

Daily Draw January 8th, 2013

I have the flu and seem to have lost a few days. My head is stuck in the fuzzy world of fever, endlessly going over its wonderful Christmas e-mail. I find that with fevers, the brain latches on to something like a song or something that happened, and it goes on a loop. I still remember having a fever as a child with the Beatles Eleanor Rigby going through my mind endlessly with that haunting cello in the background.



So the betrayal continues. I did smile when I read “fear of germs” in the booklet, since I have this virus and just want to get well so I can do things again.

Alienation, not trusting. Yup, that’s the feverish loop.

A nice lemon and hot water should do the trick.