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Tri-Sacred Blades Come ‘Round Again

I’ve picked these three cards before, and here they are again. I keep dreaming about cats since dear Mr. Stitch died in December, and last night I had a dream about cuddling my favourite cat of all time, Mr. Tweed. … Continue reading

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Tri-Sacred Blades of Delusion

My insomnia has become so bad and now I have all over nerve pain from head to ankles, layered over chronic muscle tension, pelvic and knee pain. Today I am fasting. I have had some fresh fruit juice, but I’m … Continue reading

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Play Architecture with the Whites of Contrast

July 9th, 2013 3 OF SPADES R. Meier Douglas House Harbor Springs 1971-73 Richard Meier was born in New Jersey and was part of the group known as the “New York Five” or alternately, the “Whites” as they preferred to … Continue reading

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These Candles are Made for Walking

Daily Draw March 24th, 2010 3 of SPADES I pulled this card and the woman is cutting herself. Also, the candles with the wax dripping out of them look like shoes, so this card again reminds me of cutting things … Continue reading

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