Deck Reviews

I am selective about the decks I choose to review, it has to be something really special or touching to me. I never write negative reviews, I don’t see the point of such a practice. I like to spend time with decks I like whose authors and artists I respect.

Dreaming in Color Luman Deck by Mindy Sommers

Mirrors of the Heart by Lily S. May

Tarot of Reincarnation by Lo Scarabeo

Dark Grimoire Tarot by Michele Penco and Lo Scarabeo

Graven Images Oracle by Natalie Zaman and Katharine Clark

Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot by Ash Abdullah

The Messenger Cards by Sandra Kunz

While these posts are not strictly reviews, they are small studies of specific decks or cards, so I thought I would gather them all under one section to make them easier to find.




I have a digital visual database of all my decks using the Book Collector software from I scan in the front covers of decks and for the back cover I scan in some favourite cards and the back of the cards, along with a precis of what the deck is about.

While not strictly reviews, these posts in the Database Monday category have visuals of cards and reflections on what holds up for me and other general information that interests me. I have over 30 entries right now and more to come in this category, so I won’t offer individual links just a link to the topic which you can scroll through.


Queen of Spades in playing cards
9 of cups and 7 of cups difference in Tarot
High Priestess
Five Decks of Thoth Clones
Seven decks—just a ramble

5 of Wands across decks
Jokers across decks
The Galah Studies Pink in Cards – pink-coloured cards across decks
Queen of Coins or Queen of Pentacles across black and white decks.
The Hawthorn Tree across decks.
Five Faves From Five Freshies Five favourite cards from the five new decks I bought for Christmas 2014. Great artwork!
Eagles Across Decks A general ramble through images of eagles from decks in my collection.
The Great Mantid Imperative – A look at depictions of the praying mantis across decks. With an attendant figurine, highly useful in this examination.
Ace of Spades Across Playing Cards – The quiet ones you rarely see, come out for a wave because it’s a pip.
Ennui and the 4 of Cups Across Decks – Feeling listless, find it hard to go on, feel depressed? Have a ramble through this archetype.
Overview of the Ostara Tarot – Eight of my favourite cards from this deck and something a bit different.