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Still with the Heat and Pixels

August 4, 2017



This deck has always confused me with its court cards. They are deliberately unnumbered and non-hierarchical and inconsistent across suits with naming. Very well, but how do you compare with the archetype for the Queen of Cups say if you can’t figure out what cards represents the Queen of Cups in this deck? There is a chart with associations at the front of the book, designating King, Queen, Gift, and Joker but no way to correlate those with Water Spirit that I can see because the names and images are not what’s on the card or in the book for the write-up.

Okay beings of light, we have to suspend disbelief and give up any correlation to tarot. NO, not that!

In looking at the book, there is an entry under “Gift of Water – Mirror” that talks about the gift of mirror being true reflection. Some gobbledygook about turning on the light and truth, and there is water and reflection in the card so this might be it.

In my continuing search for alternatives to Photoshop with regard to scanning and editing images of my card collection, I am now trying the 30-day trial of Pixelmator to see how it compares to Affinity Photo that can’t even select a scanned card from its background. Pixelmator did a better job and I can use Photoshop brushes in there. I shall continue to explore.

As well, I did a jigsaw of a montage of the cards from Sue Lion’s EartHeart Wisdom Cards. It is so hot here still, we managed a trip to the post office and library and then came home to escape.


Trapped By Natural Forces

August 4, 2017

I wish we did have some water, it is very dry and hot here. Hoping that it cools down going into the weekend.

4 WATER – WATERFALL (4 of Cups)


Trapped by heat and ennui, it’s easy to get feeling down. I have written and mailed three letters in three days so I got something done in the heat at least.

I was talking to someone about feelings of descent, anxiety, sorrow, all the good stuff that can get a grip on your mind. There is mention in this card of letting yourself go and inadequate diet, which I find contributes greatly to feeling down.

I have things planned but by the late morning it has been too hot to move so it’s just one of those weeks where you have to wait and do smaller projects, due to   natural forces like weather patterns.

I hope we get a break soon.



Worrying About the Bank

July 25, 2017

I have a little something to do at the bank and it’s pretty straightforward but it involves changing an account and making sure stuff goes through the proper account. I’ve had trouble before where they assured me everything was set to go through okay and it didn’t, so this is generating quite a bit of anxiety in me on top of a contractor coming this week and a visit from relatives.

When you’re in trouble, an oracle deck just won’t do, you need a tarot card. Am I right?



There she is, raising her sword and telling me not to lose my temper. If something goes wrong they can fix it, it’s not all up to me. One of the things I liked in James Ricklef’s books is the idea of not meting out punishment, not feeling like you need revenge. Losing my temper if something goes awry would wound everyone and carry on throughout my relationship with the institution. This bears remembering.

Cause and effect: take responsibility myself. I am well prepared, I just have to make sure my anger or fear does not overtake the meeting.

One of the reasons I like tarot is that you can pull a card like this and get a sensible look at life’s challenges, and thus prepare yourself to resolve them.





Why Didn’t I Buy THIS one?

July 10, 2017

When the Daniloff Tarot came out I was really strapped for money, so I never bought it. This year I bought about 5 decks and 4 of them I could live without. While working this jigsaw of the Daniloff, I kept thinking that I should have bought this deck instead of the disappointing decks, but I didn’t have the money at the time.

The loop of regret can get a grip on the mind; I would be better enjoying what I did buy, which I do to a point, but several of them are still disappointing.

Lunchbag Letdown: when you are so looking forward to your nice lunch because you are hungry, but when you open the bag it’s Wonder Bread with dry peanut butter. What you really want is a lettuce, chick pea, and avocado sandwich with little snippets of green pepper and carrot and a bit of Maille mustard on a fresh Italian roll. Included in a separate section would be some fresh cherry tomatoes and some cauliflower florets.

Here’s to lunch Mr. Daniloff!



Jigsaws in Card Paradise

July 8, 2017

We’ve had a busy week with contractors and banks and my insomnia kicked in. Three to five hours of sleep leaves me dragging around, so this week I got into the digital jigsaw program Jigsaws Galore, which was a Windows program that is now available for the Mac. I find it soothing and I can load in my own pictures to make puzzles. I used some of my own card images or montages and a couple from the Internet and just had fun.

This is the Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle by Lisa Estabrook which I don’t have but might one day purchase. I love botanical decks in particular, but I was disappointed with a few decks I bought this year so I like to think carefully about buying any new decks.


Then I had to scan in and enter my copy of the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot in my database, so I decided to use my samples of the cards and card back as a jigsaw.


Then I took an old image of bower birds that I used on this blog comparing the Animal Totem Tarot and the Linestrider Tarot cards that feature bower birds. That Linestrider card has lots of white which was challenging to piece together. I think I did about 480 pieces for this. With this bigger screen I can do more pieces than I could on a small 15-inch laptop.


I found a nice image of the Ancient Italian Tarot online and did a jigsaw of that, but I didn’t take a screen shot.

While doing these I opened up iTunes and listened to some of my collections of music. Jigsaws are compelling, so naturally Cassandra Wilson’s rendition of the old standard You Go To My Head was perfect.

As I contemplated buying decks and playing cards, Brad Mehldau’s Hungry Ghost song played on as well as Paul McCartney’s song Appreciate.

That Soulflower card deck sure is pretty though….

Hanging with Potential

July 3, 2017

I drew this card yesterday but due to setting up and coming to grips with a new computer, it has taken me a while to get a post done. I still haven’t quite figured out my new Affinity Photo software, although it is very much like Photoshop and uses many of the same shortcut keys and commands, but it’s finding them. I had Photoshop CS5 on my old Windows laptop but newer versions require a monthly subscription and that’s way out of my league.

I bought the computer last week and spent two days reading a book on switching from Windows to Mac from the library, and then bought a big book on the Sierra operating system for Mac, and I’m doing pretty well. Here is my cat Tosca helping me.


I almost bought a Mac 13 years ago but I needed Windows for courses I was taking for work which involved online chats using Windows software, and I had to give up the dream.



This is from the Tarot ReVISIONed by Leigh McCloskey. It came out in 2003 and I bought the massively heavy oversized paperback for it. This is a Majors-only deck, but Leigh has so much symbolism in it that I wanted the book. His write-up for The Hanged Man is ten full-size pages long.

Today, I am seeing the inversion as inversion in thinking about computing, of seeing the reality. I spent six years struggling with a cheap $350 laptop. Windows 7 was stable until Microsoft decided to foist Windows 10 on people and I went through hell for months and months with Windows Update. I wasn’t the only one. It is still going on due to the AMD chipset I have on the old laptop.

Last fall I was looking at a new Windows laptop but my heart wasn’t in it. I felt sick, I’d just had enough of the endless struggle. Due to my father’s death, I had the money to buy a Mac, so here I am, enjoying computing again.


The back of the card has a lovely quote by William Blake.


There is a lot about imagination in Leigh’s essay on this card. Imagination and potential and the world being one.  This is a favourite quote from the book:

“Upon the path of the Hanged Man the impossible, the unimaginable , is made manifest. The boundaries between the self in time and the self that resides within the heart as its guiding spirit are drawn into close proximity. This engagement leads one to recognize that there are no real limits to what the human soul and nature are capable of potentially.”

The Hanged Man has given up the struggle.



Two Look Within

June 18, 2017



In the Tarot Wayang, Saraswati is associated with the Moon and changes, replacement, addition, subtraction and “inconstantly” which seem like words associated with the Moon and the intuitive qualities of The High Priestess.

The Hermit looks a tad unbalanced as if his feet were hurting or perhaps frozen and inflexible for walking. If you can see ahead of you, with lamp light or the light of the Moon, but your feet aren’t working, perhaps it’s a good day to rest? Or maybe your feet hurt but you carry on following where the light leads?

The wisdom to know: addition, subtraction black or white, things are either this or that, but really it’s all the same. The moon is the moon whether it’s going through a phase where you see a quarter of it or the full moon. “Every extreme carries its opposite embedded in it” says James Ricklef.

I like that idea, as if within joy you carry sadness, within depression you carry the ability to be energized and work and be happy. The Hermit goes within and it’s not loneliness it’s solitude, which also carries expansiveness. I think that’s the idea today, that duality is only a feeling and the whole thing is with you all the time.

Accessible should you listen.