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Blackthorn Pricks Survival Instincts

March 18, 2017

While browsing through the new Plant Ally Cards, I was attracted to the message on the Blackthorn card, so I pulled it out and remembered several other decks that have Blackthorn in them.

SURVIVAL INSTINCTS – BLACKTHORN – prunus spinosa [sic]

The first word in the Latin name should be capitalized. I’m also disappointed in the abstract drawing and painting of these plants. I could identify about 10% of them and the rest just looked baffling. To be fair, these were never advertised as scientific illustrations, but still.


The woman looks like a fierce warrior, she’s ready to get out there and make sound choices about her life. “You may feel in a bit of a hole with no obvious way out.” That’s how I felt yesterday at least, but today I thought I would catch up with some correspondence and clear the way to spend the weekend doing our income taxes. I immediately felt better—action always alleviates anxiety I find.

Blackthorns are thorny obviously but they are often used for walking sticks because of the strength and the density of the wood. Go ahead, keep walking, don’t be resistant to change, you have no choice really but you have to accept the things you need to face.

Right then, income taxes it is.

The Okanagan Oracle

March 7, 2017

I was really delighted when I saw the Okanagan Oracle cards by Suzy Coyote as I was born in the Okanagan, and it took me decades to get back to British Columbia after living in Ontario.


There are some really gorgeous cards in this deck, such beautiful scenes of nature and lake and sea, flowers, vineyard, objects, sculptures, and buildings. Really, I am looking forward to exploring these and using them on the blog. They don’t come with a booklet but there are subtly printed keywords on each card in this 58-card deck.

I don’t think I’ve seen such a lovely mixture of scenes in any card deck. Naturally, I felt I should order them. apart from supporting a Canadian artist, I find it impressive when people push through and finish and publish decks. It’s not as easy as it looks.

I am often tempted by card decks but rarely buy many these days. These latest four decks have pushed me past the 400 mark in my deck collection, but I have such a passion for cards and art, and there is always an artist like Suzy with a fresh eye to show things that are important to them, influencing and creating in the world.

It’s like gold! Gold with chocolate sprinkles.

I Don’t Need This, But…

February 20, 2017

One of my relatives is ill so I spent all day making a cute pop-up card for him, using a free tutorial where you insert a tissue box that pops up inside. I mean, come on, is this the cutest 3.5-inch thing you’ve ever seen? Pops of joy all around!


Having spent the last week sick again from food and/or food allergies, I am back to my nice, gentle vegan diet, minus bread for a while to see if that can rectify some things. Feeling sorry for myself while swamped by detox nausea, I am planning to order these two decks by Lisa McLoughlin.


I have had the Plant Ally Cards on my wish list for months and months, but the other one goes so well with it that I might order them both depending on the shipping cost. The Tree Wisdom Cards have faces in the trees which initially put me off, but maybe the faces want a chat about logical positivism?

I can’t deny a tree a chat about philosophy, that would be cruel.




Awareness, By Gum

December 15, 2016

I went to a new dentist but it set up a chain of pain, so I’ve been pretty sick.

However, while organizing my last two sketches for my old sketchbook project, I decided I needed a proper set of gouache paints. I’ve been limping along with the extremely cheap and chalky Reeves set, which is about 15 to 20 years old, so for Christmas I ordered a Winsor & Newton set of 10 gouache tubes and ordered one extra tube of titanium white, which is a little different than the zinc white that comes in the set and I need them both.


BLUE GUM FLOWER – (Eucalyptus globulus) Healing

I am mixing the Australian Wildflower Reading Cards with the old but charming Nature Spirits Oracle Cards.

Acceptance for what has gone before , and a time to move forward, not getting bogged down in details. Look at other ways to heal and be healthy and look after yourself.

Awareness is always a struggle I find. Mention is made of paying attention to details but the Blue Gum says not to get bogged down in them. Be more focused and attentive, observe, it’s a good time to make changes.

Art is a healing thing, sometimes it’s good to get away and draw.

When we were in the dollar store this week they had this at the checkout counter, so I bought it for $2 to set on my drafting board while I work.


The Trust of the Grey Spider

October 25, 2016

GREY SPIDER FLOWER – Grevillea buxifolia – Faith


Silly me, I am more fearful of taking a taxi to and from the hospital for the spouse’s operation than I am about the operation. Because it means talking to another human being, no not that.

So what succour is this card offering me? Have trust, be brave, do not be afraid, and your intentions will have positive results. “As a healer, Grey Spider Flower instills courage and assists in easing anxiety.”

I’ll keep this card out for the next 4 days to remind me.

Oh, and I’m back being vegan again, quite a strict plan to see if I can alleviate pain. Twenty million ways to prepare beans and vegetable soups. Have faith sayeth the Grey Spider Flower.

Rabbits Secretly Enjoy a Good Ballpoint Pen

October 22, 2016

It has been a wild sort of week. We got word about the spouse’s hand surgery in one week (panic stations) and I got some books in the mail, one of which was wrong and the used bookseller is sending me the correct book.

I figured we’d better get proper blinds in the bathrooms and when the company was here measuring we decided to get all three bedrooms done as well. The old aluminum slats are bent and peeling and flaking paint, and the one in the master bedroom is black which sucks the light out of the room, apart from having kind of a teenage Goth vibe.

Because it’s hard for me to type without pain, I’ve been staying quiet and reading a lot. The highlight of my week was discovering that I could get refills for a Zebra F-701 ballpoint pen that my husband rescued from the garbage at his work a few years ago. I bought the refill, in it went, and the excitement of having the pen work again had me flying with delight. It is now back in my pen roll with all my fountain pens.



I do feel rather abundantly blessed lately, at least with interesting material things, like an ash can for the fireplace (squeee!) plus lots of books in my annual Christmas in October buying. We can pay our bills, and buy a few treats, so it’s not all bad. BUT I do feel I need to pull back from spending and calm down and enjoy what I have, finish a few projects slowly.

I complain about endless pain and hopelessness but as in everyone’s life, there are good and bad things. Rabbit Orchids flower more prolifically after a fire, did you know?

And I bought a whole box of 500 staples. Man, does it get any more exciting?

Hoya Flowers and Furious Blood Flow

October 15, 2016

I received my Australian Wildflower Readings Cards but felt a bit swamped by pain this week, which sucks the joy out of typing and discussing cards.

During this lull, I have been collecting a Notepad file of interesting nicknames for Donald Trump:

Comb-over Caligula
Cheeto Jesus
The Orange Turnip
The Furious Yam
The Orange Goblin
The Velveeta Raccoon
The Tangerine Terror

My favourite is The Furious Yam, but Comb-over Caligula seems apt as well. Sounds like the name of a band: Comb-over Caligula and the Furious Yam.

Shades of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five whom I remember from younger days. “It’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from going under. Don’t push me ‘cause I’m close to the edge…”

HOYA – ALIGNMENT – (Hoya australis)


Seemingly random flowers but there is often an underlying Fibonacci alignment in flowers. Five petals and five stamens, speaking of the Furious.

Making the pieces fit, making the pieces align: when in pain it’s hard to make plans, hard to believe anything will align again in my life. I feel scattered and incomplete when I can’t make things or have hope for my ideas.

This also reminds me of blood cells tumbling through veins, picking up oxygen, the biology that is needed to replenish and heal the body. I am planning meals and trying to align nutrition and energy in my body.

Time for a lie down.