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Pansy Love

August 26, 2017



Pansies always remind me of my Mom because she used to plant them every year, and all her children do too in remembrance.

Next month we are finally after decades disposing of my Mom’s ashes in a nice place along with my Dad’s. To do this we are gathering in one place, two of us travelling a great distance. It’s a worry because we often fight when together, and one of my siblings kept mentioning fighting with my brother last time I saw her as if she was expecting a big drama.

Sigh. So here’s a pansy come to reassure me that I am loved and to put doubts aside about that.

The author obviously never encountered the Sword Family.




Laurels That Sort of Rest

July 23, 2017

I thought of the phrase about not resting on your laurels with this. Laurel leaves and victory and accomplishment ring out today because I finished painting my tree mural yesterday after ten days.


I am very sore and I have my diptych over the fireplace yet to do, but I am feeling a bit scatty. I find when I complete a huge task it is often this way. I am partly let down after the euphoria of completion, and partly tired, and partly so jazzed up with excitement that I can’t settle myself to the next task. Now what?

LAUREL – (Prunus lusitanica) – RESOURCEFULNESS


Resourcefulness, full of resources, full of ideas, but attention is fragmented. Lisa says to take time for your true intentions to become clearer. Hold your vision and create smaller steps for your goals. As I saw with painting the tree, I can’t do too much in one day lest I set off a chain of pain, so this card is supporting that.

I have a couple of drop caps to draw and want to take the day off and take it easy. Next week our front steps are hopefully being built, I also have to go to the bank, and relatives are coming for five days. It’s not really the time to start something big but I might try to seal my wood panels preparatory to putting gesso on them.

I don’t want to lose this great momentum but I’m not able to focus either.

Sunday IS a day of rest. Happy Sunday!



Are you Bletted, Blessed Folk?

July 20, 2017

I am still fiddling with selecting my cards out from the background in Affinity Photo. I still can’t believe that this is so hard not to get ragged edges and faint remnants of the background. Today I tried feathering and shrinking the selection and finally resorted to using the one row selection to delete some edges.

Anyway, I shall continue experimenting. For today’s card, you get two: the first one is a bit jagged, and the second one is not, although the background on the second one is not as pretty.

MEDLAR – Mespilus germanicus – MOTIVATION

Channeling I Claudius I say in reverent tones “Ah, the noble Germanicus…”


Motivation 2

Lisa says on the back of the card, “What creative thinking can you apply to each task so that you can see the value in them?” which is a bit like living in the moment so that each task does not seem unexciting because you’re in the Zen groove of fetching water.

Barring that you can put Langhorne Slim & the Law on and contemplate the way we move.

Interestingly, the fruit of the Medlar needs to be bletted before you eat it which means that it has to ripen into mushiness, so that it develops full sugars to be edible. The idea here of creativity and ideas ripening to just the perfect time, letting things come to fruition and knowing when it’s time to start a project is rather neat.

Let things ripen to activate those creativity sugars.



Jigsaws in Card Paradise

July 8, 2017

We’ve had a busy week with contractors and banks and my insomnia kicked in. Three to five hours of sleep leaves me dragging around, so this week I got into the digital jigsaw program Jigsaws Galore, which was a Windows program that is now available for the Mac. I find it soothing and I can load in my own pictures to make puzzles. I used some of my own card images or montages and a couple from the Internet and just had fun.

This is the Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle by Lisa Estabrook which I don’t have but might one day purchase. I love botanical decks in particular, but I was disappointed with a few decks I bought this year so I like to think carefully about buying any new decks.


Then I had to scan in and enter my copy of the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot in my database, so I decided to use my samples of the cards and card back as a jigsaw.


Then I took an old image of bower birds that I used on this blog comparing the Animal Totem Tarot and the Linestrider Tarot cards that feature bower birds. That Linestrider card has lots of white which was challenging to piece together. I think I did about 480 pieces for this. With this bigger screen I can do more pieces than I could on a small 15-inch laptop.


I found a nice image of the Ancient Italian Tarot online and did a jigsaw of that, but I didn’t take a screen shot.

While doing these I opened up iTunes and listened to some of my collections of music. Jigsaws are compelling, so naturally Cassandra Wilson’s rendition of the old standard You Go To My Head was perfect.

As I contemplated buying decks and playing cards, Brad Mehldau’s Hungry Ghost song played on as well as Paul McCartney’s song Appreciate.

That Soulflower card deck sure is pretty though….

Affliction, Shadow-self, and the Dog in the Car

June 16, 2017

K’OUEN – L’AFFLICTION – I Ching 47 – Exhausting (Huang translation)
SHADOW – I face my shadow-self bravely


This Page is so young, so bursting with enthusiasm. James Ricklef refers to this enthusiasm as living life like a dog in a car. That tail wagging, ready-to-go, hanging your head out the window to see what’s coming up kind of feeling.

Which is not something I’ve felt for a while since being undermined by health problems, but the Yi King card (which is in French) refers to solitude and patience as a way out of affliction. When you are exhausted sometimes the best thing is to do nothing, to be patient.

The card from The Healing Deck mentions anxiety and self-doubt that poisons relationships and weakens our resolve, hardly things this Page would feel or think. Allow your light side to triumph, but allow time, bide your time, be patient. Reflection, interior solitude, let the faiblesse, the weakness and dimness pass.

This Page wears a mask, cut from a lion apparently whose dead legs hang down from his costume. Perhaps a way of feeling good is to put on the mask and act as if you felt well, as if you were strong, and then wait in your solitude for your light side to triumph.

The Coppiced Face

June 5, 2017

I got my Red Wine Playing Cards into the database today, and I have now hit 400 decks. It’s official, I’ve crossed over the line into new territory. I’m still enjoying them all too, rummaging around during bouts of insomnia, looking at all the bright, creative images, and wondering how I gathered so many in 15.5 years.

Art dahlings, it’s all about art.

HAZEL (Corylus avellana)


Sometimes we see the common hazel in North America because it came with settlers, but it’s not native. Hazels are coppiced, much like willows are in North America, and the young branches are used to make fencing. I’ve seen this on television where the supple hazel branches are horizontally woven in and out of poles to make impenetrable fences.

I suppose that’s where the idea of control comes from with this plant. Lisa mentions how our attachment to how things “should” be often stifles flow because we are trying to control everything. The yellow catkins on hazels appear before the fruit; I can see the analogy of a human needing to flower before the delicious fruit is formed, and hazelnuts ARE delicious.  You can’t flower if you’re trying to control everything that happens.

Just a secondary thought: the face in this card looks a bit broody and menacing, much like a person building a fence around themselves. I’ve been in a fence-building phase for some years, perhaps a nod to change?


All Kinds of Boundaries

April 30, 2017

I drew this card last week and just wanted to ruminate on it before posting. I have often lacked the will to enforce boundaries with people but I am getting better at it.

BOUNDARIES – YARROW (Achillea millefolium)


While on a reading group and being either ignored or browbeaten despite putting some effort into reading books with the group and contributing thoughtful write-ups, I decided that these people were not wanting to challenge themselves or admit anyone with different ideas. It seemed to be more about statistics and who had read the most books than actual discussion. I left once but was persuaded to come back; the second time I simply left without a fuss.

Part of boundaries is deciding to hang around people who are positive, creative and have imagination and want to learn different things and explore. If it means reading on my own than that’s what it means. I’ve got my reading nook exactly as I like it now.


During a visit by a family member whom I rarely enforce boundaries with, I decided to be more careful of what I said and it went well. I shall continue my awareness of such things.

An important card and visually one of my favourites in this deck. I had yarrow in one of our gardens years ago and there’s a bit of the feeling of coming back to myself and my own interests with this card.