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Count on Success with the Moon

August 5, 2017

32 – MOON



More great success in Pixelmator! I imported some of my Photoshop brushes into the program, including the copyright symbol I like to use on scans of cards. I added a border too and used a flower brush. What could be better?

The Mystical Lenormand Moon tells me I can count on success, acknowledgement and promotion. Whee!

Time to get that calligraphy done, apparently the time is right.

And I noodled around doing a jigsaw of one of my favourite decks, the Blue Dog Rose Tarot. Such lovely animals and colours in this one.


A few hours went by, I said to myself “Do another one” so I did and I have decided I don’t actually mind having to duplicate the layer to make a drop shadow because I have oodles more control.









Lenormand Five for Health

January 17, 2017

I am using the human body associations that Sylvie Steinbach uses in her Lenormand book, coupled with additional nuances of meaning from the excellent book from the Celtic Lenormand. I like Chloe’s insights from that book and often use them although I am not using that deck today. Today I am using the Lenormand Wahrsagekarten which has German notes for meanings on additional cards in the deck.

My question was: I’m worried about my health, what can I expect?

9 Bouquet; 10 Scythe; 25 Ring; 2 Clover; 19 Tower


9 BOUQUET – (face, smile, hair) Beauty, recovery, wellness, happy times, blooming, Spring, renewal. Maybe a literal nod to health improvements making hair and skin look much better?

10 SCYTHE – (teeth, mouth) Cutting without hesitation surgery, surgeon, harvest, shock, cutting down what was. Tough love will bear fruit, drastic change, cut out habits or things that don’t serve the highest good.

I was a bit worried about this because of the surgery aspect. Perhaps I can take it as a warning that if I don’t make changes I’ll be heading for surgery? Because of the nicer cards around this I thought I’d take it to mean simply cutting out. The mouth association reminds me of eating unhealthy foods and cutting those out. Since I fell last week I have been eating properly and feeling a lot better.

The German word for scythe is sense, as outlined in the explanatory cards, which is not the English meaning of sense but I like the dual aspect between German and English. Use your sense in change.

25 RING – (lymphatic system) I do have some problems in my legs with circulation and lymphatic problems. Here is my clue to wise up. The idea of completion, commitment, and a satisfying solution is good here. Chloe had a few extra ideas in her book about breaking out of a cycle or person that ties you to an unhealthy way of being. Bind or lock an intention in place, honour your commitments. The spouse often eats twice as much as me, so portion control is difficult but not impossible.

The lymphatic system is something we take for granted, but as we age it is worn out and sometimes damaged by our Western lifestyle of eating. Ring also makes me think of cinching in a belt or indeed leg irons or shackles, a negative meaning.

2 CLOVER – (ethereal body, aura) Whatever the ethereal body is (a Theosophical term) and I don’t believe in auras, so maybe I could say “energy spirit” instead? Luck, opportunity, hope happy endings, unexpected outcomes. Seize the opportunity, seize what life presents. Positive thinking toward life is a better energy to emit for sure.

19 TOWER – (spine and back) Guards, protects, officialdom, buildings, high ideals, big goals. Solidity, refuge (like the birds find refuge in the Tower as depicted on the card), authority, structure, security, isolation. Gain perspective.

I like Chloe’s idea of gaining perspective with this. Isolation is helpful and the high ideals of commitment to the cause are good. I think the sense (!!) of being too isolated or too inflexible echoes here. Inner security is like a tower that cannot be assailed by outside circumstance, and buildings do move slightly in the wind.

I have problems with my spine and back which would be greatly improved by eating properly to decrease edema and inflammation, and losing weight. The spine is the inner core and yet remains flexible, absorbs shock. I’m wondering if the ‘flu I had several days ago was actually my body saying “Enough!” and purging itself? Since then I’ve been eating properly, and doubly so after I fell, like the shock of the scythe, sometimes the body takes action.

This seems good with some caution connected to the scythe.

The Nourishment of Balance

April 5, 2016

We spent 4 to 5 hours yesterday shuffling things around and getting five bookcases set up and one partially filled. I am seriously thinking of selling two of my three dollhouses. I feel that time has passed since the 90s when that was my big passion, and I would like to concentrate on making art and sewing, weaving, writing, and reading. I’ll think about it further.



“What is nourishing in small doses can be dangerous in excess” says Chloe. Apart from food this also points to passions in life. I tend to throw myself into things, buying excessively, and then find myself overwhelmed with stuff. Resisting cravings for food or material things, is a good reminder, a reminder that I have limited time at my age and I want to concentrate on things that have meaning.

I’ll always keep and work on my first dollhouse, because I built it from scratch and worked on it after my Mother’s death and after my favourite Aunt died so their memory is within it, and my grief at working through the loss. I still enjoy making things for it but the other two simply were too much of a good thing.

The Finding Balance card suggests that an effective way to restore equilibrium is to list and prioritize activities and parts of your life, then resolve to maintain the balance for what you need and enjoy. This is a reflective year for me anyway, since we moved across the country and I am turning 60. All things that make me realize what’s important to keep and what I can let go.

I’m finally getting to the boxes with all my card decks, so today I can enjoy seeing them again and dusting them and getting them set up just right.

The Mice Stay Calm at the Crack of Dawn

April 2, 2016



I am up early because the chap is coming to hopefully repair our furniture and he said on the phone he’d be here early. Those nibbling Mice would not let me sleep or relax. I like the idea for this that you can’t let go of something, or someone, or that someone is nibbling at your energy and yet if you remain detached things flow along, neither good or bad.

That is a continual lesson for me. When things feel bad, they must be bad, right? Maybe not. There is a pattern my husband and I have developed that is damaging to my health, and I thought when we moved it would all go away. Fat chance of that literally, so that is on my mind.

The Isle of Calm says to breathe when tense or anxious, like the flow of waves, the rhythm of life restored in a relaxed state. Those fish can flow, but they can also nibble. Oooh I’m itchy, nibbly little biters everywhere.

Here’s a thought from Chloe in the Celtic Lenormand booklet: “I forgive myself for imperfect situations.”


And then I got busy and made myself a cheerful montage of the new Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen in the Retro Pop green colour that I ordered.




Lotus in the Hen House

April 1, 2016

Up and at ‘em this morning, I cleaned the litter box, had a shower, put in a laundry and opened a box with the label “small books” which was my written euphemism for card decks when I was packing to move. I pulled out The Relax Deck so am using it today with the Celtic Lenormand.



I regiment them into flanks, which cards enjoy should you wish to please them.

That kid is harvesting eggs, having fed her chicken just the right food and kept the hen house clean with fresh water available and given Miss Hen a bit of scratching outside in the sun. She could do no better and now has the reward of fresh eggs. Kids don’t often realize when young that a chore can be a burden, they consider it play.

A nice thought for today as I continue unboxing books. We unpacked about eight boxes and then had to go to Home Depot to buy extra shelf thingies for the bookcases. Some seem to have gone missing in the move. Armed with six packages of various pegs, I feel sure we can forge on successfully today. Beginner’s mind as I continue today.

The Lotus Blossom is about losing your spiritual self amid material concerns, so a focus today on my inner self will restore harmony. The playful Child would stop to enjoy the bloom of the lotus.

The Tower is about coming together, getting the home shipshape for security. Being alone without isolating yourself completely can help nourish you, so working on our home again today is good quiet time.

The spouse called a furniture repair person to fix two old pieces that broke during our move. Hopefully tomorrow he can get them fixed and we can carry on putting things on and in them. Another task inching along.


Begin the Cooperation, Safe

March 31, 2016

Despite good intentions I didn’t get anything done yesterday except go to bed. However, last night I slept for almost 10 hours and feel ready to tackle anything, so it’s bookcases and books today in the sunny living room.



There’s that commitment thing again! Cooperation as well as we work together today to begin and complete our unpacking project.

The Anchor is one of my favourite cards in Lenormand decks, and this one speaks of the home base and work, the sense of security we feel working at home to make our environment more comfortable and organized. We weighed anchor to get here but are now faced with the responsibility of pulling all our things together, yet it’s not so bad in a sunny room together.



Rider Finds Focus and an Accent Chair

March 30, 2016

We were zooming around yesterday getting groceries, going to the library, ordering some furniture, buying shoes after my left sole fell apart, measuring and configuring and trying to find books that are in boxes. The movers marked all my upstairs book boxes “den” from the old house when in fact many of them were for the living room, so I am unable to locate what I want without opening and closing boxes and shifting them around or dragging things up and down a flight of stairs.

Today I thought I’d use Chloe’s method of choosing a subject, looking for the card that represents that subject, and then choosing two extra cards for either side for a total of five. Choosing the subject card seems rather subjective but if my subject is unpacking books and setting up bookshelves then perhaps I should be literal and pick the Book card?

Subject: 26 BOOK
Left Flank – 1 MALE RIDER; 36 CROSS;
Right Flank – 33 KEY; 20 GARDEN


26 BOOK – I like the casing with the ties on this, hinting at hidden knowledge. Mostly for me it’s about projects, the big unpacking project. The wall could be my frustration in finding and setting up my bookshelves as I had them in the last house. Is it so bad to allow setting things up without following the previous patterns? Some kind of deeper metaphor there methinks. That book looks slightly out of reach although in clear sight on the table. Definitely how I feel.

1 MALE RIDER – BARD – Sure, you’ve got stuff to do, places to go, dozens of books to unpack, but don’t fall off a cliff. The thing about this guy is that he starts out, off he goes with enthusiasm. BEGIN the thing and stop before you hurt yourself.

36 CROSS – Oh the Cross, the Cross, the bloody Cross. I think of the dogma of certain people nattering SHOULDS in my ear about how I should be unpacking, how I should unpack this or that first. Not the least voice being my own expectations of setting up a perfect house in one week, a deadline long gone. You see the burial mound behind the Cross? It says this way is the way of death, death to my life force anyway. It is liberating to realize I don’t have to follow what someone else outlines for me. I know my things and where they go and in what order I should unpack them.

33 KEY – Unlocking, solving, certainty and solutions. Now that’s what I like! The light on the Key highlights the focus I bring to my project today. Part of the focus is that I bought a new chesterfield and chair and they are coming in about ten days. I must get my living room set up and solve the problem of where to put the sofa and chair.


While I had the money, before it got sucked away on house repairs, I bought myself something pretty in seafoam. I’m going to sew extra pillows with colour that pops with this.

20 MEADOW – GARDEN – A nice fruition card, don’t you think? Public space, a space for entertaining, perfect for moving to a new house and thinking of being social with new neighbours, not being afraid to ask them into my home, getting things nice for company. There is a hint here of other people and the thought that you have to please them overwhelming your own soul. I sometimes get caught up in that. Because of the autumnal look to this I think of getting things repaired and improved by autumn and settling in for next winter.

One thing I noticed in a general way with this reading is how the left flank cards echo the left side of the brain thinking, the intellectualizing, reasoning, overthinking, and the narrowing of the mind. Then the right flank cards seemingly are different in a right brain, sensing space and intuition vibe. Focus and colour and a wider view without all the angst and drama.