Decks and Crafty Jigging Things

Gee, I haven’t done an update since May 5th. I’m still going through a non-chatty phase, but here are some things I’m doing.

I was interested in the Anima Mundi Tarot but in the end however, I decided that my days of buying expensive self-published decks is over. I did do up a digital jigsaw of the deck on my iPad of the deck for fun and interest. It really is a beautiful deck.


The last deck I bought was the Game of Thrones Tarot as it has such neat artwork, but I didn’t have a clue who the characters were, so we rented the first two episodes of series one from the library. I was glad that I familiarized myself with the characters, but the show was not for us.


In my continuing use of the Tarot Tracker book, I have decided that I like to use an oracle in the morning as a daily card, and a tarot deck in the evening for reflection. This week I am using the Tree Magick deck with the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot in the evening. I have been pulling out some old favourites every week or two and enjoying them using this Tracker.


As well, on a small space on a bookshelf in my bedroom, I pull out display cards that have meaning for me. One week I found a good card from the Blue Dog Rose Tarot deck that I enjoyed, and I also found a small pyrite sphere that looked neat so I bought it for this display. It looks like a strange asteroid, come to talk with the Buddha about space and time. The black display easel is waiting for a ceramic tile I ordered from Italy. 


I bought myself two brass seals, a spoon and tea light for melting wax, and some flexible sealing wax to use on pen pal letters, and I have really enjoyed learning how to do that. This seal has a tree on it, and the other one I bought has my initial and some flowers. This technique is much easier to do with a pouring spoon, so I’m glad I bought the kit. What a joy to try new things.


A couple of days ago I painted some small koi fish on stationery and an envelope to send to someone who created her own koi pond last summer. This was fun to do although the linen finish laid paper does not take layers of watercolour. It does do well with my new Platinum Preppy pen and the waterproof Platinum Carbon fountain pen ink though. I bought a box of this linen finish paper at Staples and it’s wonderful to write on it with fountain pens.


Lately I have not been interested in buying decks. Too many are merely pretty things with little substance, and several are woman-centred which starts to get unrealistic after a while. There are two genders in the world, I feel it much better to acknowledge each other and learn to live together rather than pretending the other doesn’t exist. I do understand how violence and abuse can turn you against the Other, but I try to alleviate that in other ways than pretending men don’t exist. They DO exist, I am married to one and I have a brother, and many of them are excellent people, good humans and ethical. 

So, I have turned to jigsaw puzzles instead of decks for artwork and meditative joy. I have long used digital programs for jigsaws, but in this house I have a long sewing table where there is actually room to set up a jigsaw. Here is a shot of my current one, a lovely reproduction of a New Yorker magazine cover, published by the New York Puzzle Company. I bought this in a thrift store for $5 and wanted to do it up to check that none of the pieces were missing. 


Among all this joy, the spouse repainted our living room a nice grey/blue and I dusted and cleaned my china cabinet in the dining room. These are all the new puzzles I bought, plus four that I bought five years ago, and one is of playing cards, you can’t beat that. One of Shakespeare too, whee.


That should keep me reflecting on patience and colour for a few months. The ones in the small boxes cost 50 cents to $1.25. They are cheaper and have thin pieces, but the images are lovely. I’ve already done four puzzles up and I’m working on the fifth. Something tells me Christmas might have some interesting new puzzles to bring. Alas, the same can’t be said for new decks. 


Finally, I don’t know why, but I signed up for a little swap to exchange a mug rug with someone. I had no idea what a mug rug was, but after viewing some online eye candy I made mine and mailed it off yesterday. After owning the new Janome sewing machine for 15 months, I finally tried using it for machine quilting this little mat and it worked fine. The mug I used for the photo is one I bought for 50 cents in a thrift store that is now one of my favourites. I used lavender and purple with a splash of blue and green for this because our lavender and California lilac bloomed in the garden while I was making this, and I wanted to reflect that. There was such a beautiful scent from those plants.


That’s the update for recent doings and deck talk. Have a great summer!





6 thoughts on “Decks and Crafty Jigging Things

  1. Wow, you accomplish in a couple of months some crafts that would take other folks an entire year to complete! The mug rug is lovely and I’m in awe of your koi stationery. I admit that I’ve always had a pull toward wax seals (such a nice touch!) and the spoon seems like an added plus.

    I’m with you on the deck-buying. There are so many beautiful decks that are works of art but give me very little substance to reflect on. However, I have had the John Bauer Tarot on order, and have preordered the New Elements Era Tarot because of its diversity.

    The only crafty thing I’ve done lately was recovering a padded folding chair for my meditation room. (I’ve been banned from floor sitting by my doctor.) I watched a YouTube video to see how to do it. I’m convinced the woman edited out all the parts where she cursed because of the dozens of staples that go in wonky that had to be pulled out. 😀

    Good to see your blog at the top today!

    • I have the John Bauer link at Amazon bookmarked and I hope it gets here in September like it’s supposed to, so I’ll probably get that too after you told me about it some months ago.

      Hey, you recovered a chair–wow, I’m impressed. I know what you mean about the floor, I can’t get up and dwon from the floor at all now. Creak, creak.

      Thanks for your comments Bev!

  2. What a gorgeous variety of colour, texture and fabric, digital and solid! I love your mug rug (I’d also never heard of those), and the koi are charming.
    I wish I could say I’m being as consistent with my daily cards. In the morning, the Little One demands all my time, and in the evening I collapse on the sofa. I’ve done a few larger spreads, though, which gave me food for thought for quite some time 🙂 Most recently a chakra spread that was marvellous.
    I got a 1000 piece puzzle, but didn’t manage to complete it. I think I need to aim lower. I do smaller ones with the Little One, which is fun…
    I especially like the New Yorker puzzle – wonderful Japanese-style art, and a lovely subject and colours. The round puzzle you show also appeals to me a lot 🙂
    Wishing you much joy with your puzzles and crafting and cards!

  3. I remember doing 500 to 750 pieces when younger. 1000 seems to be the norm these days. I finished one with birds in 6 days which surprised me–guess I had more free time that week. It’s hard to leave them out on a table if you have children.

    Thanks Chloe!

    • You have a set of mug rugs? VERY neat. This was a secret swap so I’m not sure who is doing mine but I’ll make sure to use it and I might buy a special cup to go with it, if I don’t have an appropriate cup.

      I used to do more of a daily blog but I just can’t seem to get the words out these days, so I’ve been doing longer ones monthly or more, depending. 😉

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