Decks, Database, and Updates

I’m in the studio today sewing on some quilt blocks for a baby quilt. I got the area all cleaned and dusted and organized some other sewing projects. It’s warm enough that it’s nice to putter away in the studio, which is simply floor space behind the chesterfield and TV in the family room, but it’s a fancy studio to me at least.


I thought I’d better get my last deck loaded in my database, so I entered the Oracle of Mystical Moments and the program needed to be upgraded to the 64-bit version because Apple is not going to be supporting 32-bit programs much longer. So then I thought I’d better do a back-up and was shocked to see I hadn’t backed up the hard drive since November 2017. I did that and then remembered that I hadn’t entered the Deviant Moon Tarot in the database either, so I did that and updated my written lists of decks, and then found the tally didn’t jive with the database. I don’t think I’ve missed anything so I’m not sure. 

What I did know was that I didn’t want to be bogged down in finding out because I need to sew while I have daylight, so enough of all this!

Here are my two favourite cards from the Oracle of Mystical Moments.


Being an introvert, I have always considered myself an Observer, but the other card is so much like me, up in the sky daydreaming; I am a Stratos-dweller at heart.

And here are these beauties from my visual for the database.


I don’t often find I need new decks these days but the collaged artwork in this is stunning, a mix of modern surreal and Victorian or Renaissance style. My kind of thing.

The next deck I’m waiting for is one Bev from the By the Sycamore Tree blog notified me of: The John Bauer Tarot that is due in September 2018. I love these old-timey illustrators and he was Swedish working in the early 20th century, so that reminds me of Carl Larsson, another favourite artist of mine. 

And speaking of Bev, I did a nice digital jigsaw puzzle of her Elements of Recovery deck recently. I forgot to get a screen shot off my tablet, where I was doing it in the new app I got for that  called Jigsaw Puzzle Epic by Kristanix. I still prefer the Jigsaw Galore program on the desktop Mac but I still like to do the odd one on the tablet with card photos, so that’s my other card-related update.

I wrote to U.S. Games because after taking the cards and booklet out of the Deviant Moon Tarot tuckbox, I cannot fit the cards and booklet back. They just won’t all go in. This is crazy stuff, having to store the booklet outside the box. They either need to stop using tuckboxes or allow an extra 3/16th of an inch to get things back. Can you imagine after using and shuffling the deck for a time (whereupon it expands), how impossible storage in this crazy box will be? I am so ticked off after spending all that money, not to be able to get the bloody stuff back in the box.

Off to Studio Jude, computer be gone!





10 thoughts on “Decks, Database, and Updates

  1. Oh my, I’m extremely taken with that Oracle! Just clicked 🙂
    Your studio looks lovely, and I’m in awe of your quilting. I bought fabrics for a baby quilt, and I like the actual sewing part (by hand, as a distraction). However, I can’t get the choosing and cutting bit done, and so it’s sat there a year on 😦

    • Colour and fabric choices can be overwhelming. You could try one block maybe and see how it goes? One is easy to cut and just make sure you have enough contrasts in the fabrics so you can see the design.

      Well, my quilting went a bit wonky, so I might have to add some skewed additional logs onto the log cabins. Think I am still getting used to the foot on the new sewing machine. That might work out since I have to trim them after machine quilting anyway.

      I used to love piecing quilt blocks by hand but I can’t do it right now. My little pinning and sewing session yesterday has ramped up my pain.

  2. I was just about to email to see what rabbit hole you had disappeared down! That airy, creative space of yours is lovely (and now I see what you’ve been up to :D). I’ve not heard of the Mystical Moments deck, but I do like the artwork. Being an observer, that is my favorite card of the bunch. Ack! Boxes too tight to safely put back in all the cards without bending them is one of my pet peeves. It’s why I started using bags (so I could leave out the lwb and fit the cards in the box).

    • I had planned to e-mail you with a screen shot of the jigsaw I did with your Elements of Recovery, but then I forgot to take a screen shot. I can’t believe you haven’t heard of a deck! This one is so pretty. I hesitated to buy it but I’m glad I did.

      I think I’ll have to sew the Deviant Moon deck a bag, it’s most annoying to buy something you have to make something extra for just to use it. I am still annoyed with US Games, it really puts me off buying from them. I was interested in the Zillich Tarot which comes in a tin, but I’m not sure now.

    • Hi Bev, I hurt my knee again but otherwise as usual, lots of pain, but pluggin away. We are painting rooms in the house, I’m on a jigsaw puzzle kick and I’m trying to draw koi on stationery for a pen pal, and putting binding on a “mug rug” I am exchanging for a swap. Still reading your blog but can’t comment.

      • Sorry to hear about your knee, but it sounds like you’ve been a busy bee in spite of it! I have no idea what is going on with Blogger, but I don’t think it’s just my blog – others seem to be having issues as well. Hope you’ll post a photo of some of the creative work you’re doing!

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