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I decided to buy the Deviant Moon Tarot and the large book that Patrick published to go with it. I am very impressed with this book and also impressed that Patrick started thinking about some of these characters in his early teens and still has some of his drawings and paintings from that time. It’s all quite fascinating, and it has made the deck about fifty times more enjoyable for me. The book was expensive but since I’m going to study the whole deck it was worth it to me.


I also bought the Tarot Tracker by Angelo Nasios and it has proved invaluable. I haven’t felt much like blogging or talking so every day I have been pulling a daily morning and an evening reflection card and using this journal. I found that my Lamy Safari fountain pen and Waterman Serenity Blue ink work very well in this journal and there is no ghosting or bleed through, so the pages stay clean and readable. It’s always a bonus when you can use your fountain pens in journals.

Yesterday I had fun with the Knight of Badgers from the Badgers Forest Tarot, and I got a kick out of echoing the imagery in the card. This journal is another great buy and I recommend it. Throw in a few Schleich animal figures while you’re at it, they do augment a reading nicely.


So, while thinking about the Deviant Moon and wondering how I could work through the books and cards, I decided to resurrect a project from eleven years ago. On a forum a group of people were supposed to do a visual journal in response to a particular card deck. I got all enthused and created a set of five hardcover accordion books filled with Canson Mi-Teintes paper and proceeded to work through the cards, also using calligraphy with a dip pen and gold ink. I was having a great time but the other people didn’t really get going on it. I find that sometimes on groups, there is much talk of “Oh yeah, let’s do this, squee!” and everybody yaks away and nothing is done. I eventually left and carried on myself, and then stopped. I traded the deck as the author was having snits and going on the rampage generally and I wanted to distance myself from that.


After we moved, I placed this set of books on the bookshelf in my bedroom, so I see them frequently, and felt bad that the project never came to fruition. So I am going to use them for a Deviant Moon study. The first book for the Majors has 22 pages and the remaining four books for each suit have 14 pages each plus endpapers. I’ve bought some Golden High Flow iridescent gold paint to use in my old Speedball calligraphy pen, and I’ve bought 17 tubes of Holbein Acryla Gouache to use on this paper. I find it hard to use coloured pencil any more due to arm pain, so I thought the matte finish on this acrylic gouache would work well and still be flexible for opening and closing the small pages, plus it would be easier on my arm.


Apart from that I have been chipping away on weight loss and the vegan eating plan. I was getting tired of bean chili and bean curry so I’ve been trying new recipes and buying cookbooks. I ordered a spiralizer in an effort to cut down on pasta and use vegetables as noodles, and I’ve set up and tried my new Instant Pot electric pressure cooker and it is interesting, I made a delicious stew in it with brown basmati rice and lentils that lasted four days. Yesterday I made a vegan cream “cheese” and pimento hummus that it quite good for sandwiches or as a spread for raw veggies.

I weigh in weekly but it’s slow, I am hampered by pain issues so I just try to move as much as I can and eat properly. So far I’ve lost 12 pounds and I think because of the proper nourishment I am getting with vegan eating, I don’t get hungry and I don’t get cravings. I get discouraged by pain, that’s mainly what gets a grip on my mind, but eating a bag of chips is not going to help that, right?



10 thoughts on “The Tarot Tracker

  1. You are so amazing!!! These books are simply divine! And I wouldn’t complain if you share some of your favorite vegan recipes now and then. I am trying to make that switch but have a carnivorous family to feed also, and I don’t love to cook, so there is lots of resistance inside and out. But back to Tarot, thanks for this fun blog post. Are you on Instagram at all? I would love to see you there if so. I am @aceoftarot. Wishing you all the best on your journey!

  2. Thanks a lot for dropping by. I just started Instagram at Christmas, so I’ll hook up with you there.

    Here are some of my favourite vegan recipes. My husband is a meat eater and I don’t like to cook either. I think the best advice I can give you is to make your main and maybe hummus for lunch on a Sunday or whatever is best for you, and then portion them out throughout the week. We both eat steamed veggies and salad, but he adds a starch and meat or fish to his. It’s been working well for us.

    Okay, here are some favourite recipes:

    Creamy Cashew Caesar Salad Dressing (amazing!) from

    Crispy No-oil Baked Tofu Fingers from

    Oil Free Vegan Cheese Sauce from (She has other great recipes I want to try)

    Spinach Pea Pesto from The Vegan 8

    Pimento Cheese-Style Hummus from

      • That salad dressing is what keeps me going. I hate bottled dressings because of all the chemicals and I’ve never liked olive oil (I seem to be the only one on the planet who doesn’t) so to find a tasty dressing that is vegan and oil free was wonderful.

  3. Those accordion books are works of art even before you started writing in gold ink and drawing in them! Wow, can’t wait to see images as you progress. The Deviant Moon book does sound very tempting…
    As for the food, I started spirallizing zuchini for ‘spaghetti’ a couple of months ago, and really love it! Well done on 12 pounds down, and may the pain let up soon!

  4. I will be curious to see how you get on with the Deviant Moon. It is another I have been on the fence about. The accordion books are magnificent; glad to see you are putting them back into use. Regarding the group, I find most folks are great at reading and talking, but not so great at ‘doing.’ 😀
    A weight loss of twelve pounds is impressive (as is your commitment to eating healthy)! It’s hard not to go back to what’s familiar when we experience pain, but as you keep doing what you’re doing now, I imagine your new routine will replace the old.

    • I wanted the DEviant Moon before it came out and after I found it a bit creepy, mainly because they were old Victorian asylum buildings in an old town in Ontario that used to creep me out. I swear you could feel bad things when you went in the buildings or looked up at the windows imagining what went on there.

      I do find it hard, so sometimes I have peanut butter and toast when I hurt but it’s loaded with oil and carbs so I try not to. I’m not sure if the physical pain will ever go away but I’m sure it will improve. Here’s hoping!

  5. What do you call your “hardcover accordion tarot study books”? They are lovely! I would love to see more of them. And they could also make a beautifully printed book one day if this was something you’re interested in.

    I randomly stumbled across your blog today as I was searching the web for Jane Toerien’s Bird Cards (which I love). And it was very interesting to see that you also do art. I still need to go read some art articles over on your art blog. But I would like to know what you think of Holbein Acryla Gouache, once you’ve had a chance to play around with it.

    If you’re on Insta I’d love to follow you there as well. (I’m @elizabethmeyer if it’s easier that way around).

    Happy painting and happy taroting!


    • Oh yes, I love those bird cards too, so glad I got them when they first came out. I am on Instagram so will hook up with you there. Thanks for dropping by.

      I just got my final 3 tubes of the Holbein Acryla Gouache that were on backorder. I caved in and bought some of the earth tones, 2 greys, and 3 browns and an ivory. Basically I could mix them but I found I wanted a palette where I wasn’t constantly having to mix earth tones for nature-based things like birds.

      As far as art goes, I am hampered by tendinitis and generalized chronic pain so I am not doing it as regularly as I would like right now–hope to though. Currently I am puttering at making painted greeting cards for pen pals. I don’t have a name for my set of hardcover accordion books, alas, because I keep changing what I want to do with them!

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