Elements of Recovery by Beverly King

I was very grateful to be given this deck recently and I’ve read through the book and I’ve just done the scans to get it into my database. Notice the attractive honeycomb backs.

I have never been attracted to alcohol or drugs but food is another thing. My reliance on food to assuage every little emotion or stress in life is literally killing me. Time to change, and this deck addresses the thinking for recovering from that.


Some of you might remember that Bev and I did a year-long weekly sketching project in 2015. After all that art practice Bev went on to create this deck with her own artwork and I just love it, love the compositions, and she’s put some terrific ideas together here. This scan features my favourite cards, although I found it hard to just pick seven favourites.

Having owned and used Bev’s equally wonderful Lojong for the Layperson cards which have her beautiful photography and very thoughtful juxtapositions of objects and plants, I knew I’d enjoy her write-ups for this deck; they are insightful, and the depictions on the cards really augment what she’s saying.

For beauty, I think I like that maple leaf best in the top row, but for meaning I really like the one of the tomato with the marigolds in the lower right. Anyone who has ever done companion planting will nod at this one. We always put marigolds around our vegetables in the garden!

I meant to post this a couple of days ago, but our refrigerator died and we had to scramble to get a new one and then clean the old one in 30 minutes. Initially they were supposed to deliver it in four days, but he called the same day and they delivered it. It must have been leaking for a while because the floor underneath was a mess, but thankfully my husband was able to clean it. These cards often discuss letting things go or accepting what happens, and I found that very helpful when the fridge drama started.

I have been three weeks following a vegan eating plan and am finally starting to notice some health improvement. The pain is still here but I’m chipping away at it. I bought an mini Instant Pot and five Kindle version cookbooks of Instant Pot recipes to help me stretch and make new meals. My husband eats meat but he’s eating less of it.

I am so grateful for this deck!!




10 thoughts on “Elements of Recovery by Beverly King

  1. For artwork, I think 14 is my favourite. And the message around trustworthiness is a timely one for me today. Thanks for the reminder to get these cards out – I’ve been following Bev’s blog about them, but actually doing a reading is a different kettle of fish 😀
    Good luck with your Instant Pot. I’ve recently started cooking more varied meals, trying out new recipes. They don’t always work out (last night I did some chicken with an almond crust which turned out too marzipan-y), but it’s good to be getting outside of my comfort zone. Hope you find ways to make your food delicious, as well as nutricious!

    • I think I prefer the reflection of a single card. No surprise there!

      I find a lot of recipes very sweet or salty for my taste. I tend to leave out the salt and added sugar. I haven’t tried any vegan sweets yet–a bit dangerous to have around, but I see some of your recipe tries online and am encouraged.

      • It’s not hard to find really good vegan cake and biscuit recipes – I’m currently eating my way through some vegan double choc shortbread and some vegan cocoa-chocolate bars. The problem is, they are still sweet and engender cravings, and they still cause fat gain if you eat too much :/

        • There’s junk food lurking everywhere in vegan recipes. I also see recipes calling for 2 cups of walnuts for instance. Like I could afford 2 cups of walnuts not to mention the amount of fat. A couple of walnut halves or some cashews for dressing that takes you a week to use up seems okay, but two cups plus oodles of sugar. One must be alert to danger!

          • What is it about walnuts (or nuts generally) that’s problematic for you, JJ? I soak and dehydrate all my nuts, so that they are more easily digestible. And fat isn’t bad in itself, normally. Sugar is far more associated with inflammation and hence joint pain 😦

            • I love nuts, that’s the main problem. At the minute, they are like potato chips, I won’t stop at a couple. I have so much weight to lose that huge quantities of them are too much of a trigger for overeating. I do soak cashews for making a nice salad dressing. I’m not a big sugar eater, just now and then.

  2. I’m glad that you’re happy with the deck and booklet! I can honestly say that I would never have attempted this deck (though the idea had been floating in my mind for some time) if I hadn’t participated in the 52 sketches you hosted. It helped me hone enough skills (and confidence) to illustrate my thoughts, and for that, I’m very grateful to you!

    • I am so pleased we both did it because it gave me a lot of practice and confidence too. It’s hard to believe it was 3 years ago. I didn’t finish my last 6 or 8 pictures until a year later because of moving but I eventually got it done. It was one of those things that just came together, people committed and went on week by week and we had such fun and fostered our imaginations. Sometimes the magic happens when people get together. Yay!

  3. I’ve got a cheap, clear plastic business card holder from the office supply store. Every week I pull one card and leave it in the holder as a focus for the week. 🙂

    • I just found my business card holder when I cleared up and unwrapped some of my jewellery supplies. I put it in one of my card cupboards. It must have been waiting for a purpose. I think I now know what it wants to do!

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