Earthbound Oracle Favourites

I’ve been having fun scanning cards and entering them in my database. These two are my favourites at the moment:



It’s one of those things that occurs, every card you see relates to what’s going on. I am referring to this as “my healing year” and have started my Green Man Healing Journal, and I’m wanting this to be THE year, the one where I change and recover my health.

The wounded bird reminds me of injury and pain, but it also reminds me of how it can be difficult to heal, to change. And Permanence is just IT, the permanent change, the permanent change in patterns.

The background for this is a piece of fabric I will be using for the Arthur Rackham Oracle. I am still waiting for a reference book on crazy patchwork as I want to try some different things and after three weeks it hasn’t arrived.

Permanent healing, a healing of permanence. Whatever way I turn it, that’s the message.




4 thoughts on “Earthbound Oracle Favourites

  1. I’m so happy for the progress you’ve made! But if you find a way to make healing permanent, please let me know the secret. Maybe your intention to change could be like permanent ink, that never quite goes away no matter how much it’s washed. It could remain even with the ups and downs of life. 😀

  2. Have you made a post about your database and how you enter everything into it? I’m not very tech savvy but I am interested in making some databases of my cards and their keywords and symbols. Didn’t know if you had any advice on that or had written about your process before.

    In any case, wishing you a very healing year!! I am also focused quite strongly on being more lovingly attentive to and present within my body, rather than living in my head and finding the body to be just a bothersome relic of some sort. 😂

    • If you do a search under database here or on my other blog I’ve got several posts with screen shots. Mine is a visual database mostly. It’s a catalogue with emphasis on visuals of cards and the box. I used Book Collector from and I have used both Windows and Mac versions. They both work well. You have the ability to export the information as a Excel file or similar so you can print out the database and keep a record of your decks in that form.

      You can put keywords and symbols into several descriptive fields in the entry for each deck. I use the Plot field to enter the description of the booklet and salient features about the deck. You could also put keywords and symbols in there, and there is another field for Notes which would be ideal for that sort of thing.

      You could have a database of each deck with each card having an entry with a scan of the card and all the details. I don’t know if entering that much info in a database would be practical though. I wouldn’t bother, i find a database of the decks themselves adequate.

      I wanted to mention that I’ve seen people using an index card file and making cards for each deck if you want something low tech to keep a record.

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