New Decks, and an Old One, Refreshed

I find myself with six decks that I haven’t entered in the database yet. I entered Steve’s Spirit Within Tarot and then got bogged down with Christmas. The spouse gave me the Earth Magic Oracle for Christmas, and a wonderful friend sent me the Sol Invictus Tarot which I’ve wanted since it was published. One of my favourites, Socrates, is on the Queen of Swords in this deck, therein called the Nurturer of Swords. What a great title and that is my personal card so really delighted me. I am still reading through the writing in the Minors but when I’m done I’ll be using it. The other three I’ve talked about or used but I need to focus and get some scans done and the decks entered in the database.


I also ordered the Earthbound Oracle which I’ve had on my wish list, so when it comes I’ll be entering that too in the database.

I bought myself a chrysocolla sphere for Christmas. I wanted one in a shop about 16 years ago and didn’t have the money so I saw one in December and took a chance. I’ve been doing a small painting of it in my sketch book. I just need to add some calligraphy and drop shadows to it, and I did another layer on it after this picture was taken. I spent two weeks painting up colour mixing charts for my 24-palette Winsor & Newton colours and my 17-palette Daniel Smith watercolours, so that’s another reason I was away from the blog, I really needed these charts done up so I can use them when I’m painting.


I was given the Tarot of Fire deck several years ago and used it here on the blog, but it had really distracting orange borders. Recently, I took the plunge and trimmed them off and then ordered a new corner cutter. I think it is computer-generated art, but there are some very beautiful images and it is packed with world mythology and so interesting. Before I cut the borders off I typed up a trimmed sheet to fold in the box that contained descriptions of each card so that even without the numbers and titles I would be able to tell which card was what. I think it looks gorgeous trimmed.



Since I got my iPad, I’ve been able to watch videos again, and I’ve been enjoying some of the many tarot-related videos at YouTube. I so rarely get a chance to talk about my decks as I like to do, so seeing other people talk about decks is the next best thing!

My arm is a bit sore because I’ve been drawing and sewing. Unfortunately I can’t do everything so have to pick and choose what to devote my energy to. Still, I’m finding a good balance between disciplines and projects. I want to use that Tarot of Fire on the blog since it’s all trimmed up and ready to go, so I’ll do that for a bit in the coming days.




6 thoughts on “New Decks, and an Old One, Refreshed

    • I was inspired by the work of Katie Rose in those Crystal Portraits decks to have a go. She used Micron pens and coloured pencil I think, but I found for the layers of colour in rocks that watercolour does lovely splodgy colour, much like Nature forming rock, overlapping, with amorphous shapes.

      Thanks, Happy New Year to you too Jennifer!

  1. Ah, the joys of databasing. I’ve let mine get sadly out-of-date 😦
    Your chrysocolla sphere painting looks absolutely gorgeous – what vibrant colours!
    And yes, the Tarot of Fire does look gorgeous without the borders! Will look forward to seeing more of it. I have the deck, but haven’t used it in ages. I’m on the Tarot of the Sacred Feminine right now, another Lo Scarabeo weird deck (more Oracle than tarot). Still, I’m rather enjoying it 😉

    • Thanks Chloe.

      Hey, where would we be without those Lo Scarabeo weird decks? (She says dramatically: “They give the world LIFE in all measurement!”)

  2. You never cease to amaze me with your watercolor art – the sphere is beautiful. 🙂 I’m curious about the Sol Invictus and the Tarot of Fire, so I look forward to seeing more on your blog when you have the chance. Happy New Year my friend!

    • Ah Bev you are so nice. It was 3 years ago that we embarked on our sketching year and the practice helped me enormously. Now I can sit down and just draw confidently. That Sol Invictus Tarot is wonderful. The book is just packed full of writing on mythology and tarot, it makes the deck.

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