New Year with Mr. Bright

Steve Bright had a great 2-card draw for the New Year so I decided to try it.


Ace of Swords – Normally this is a great card for me, and it does represent good ideas and the power of thought and mental energy. I finished my hand-embroidered nightgown and my tree mural in the front hall and the rest of the year I felt dragged under by hopelessness, caught up in physical pain and depression. Part of that might have been because my Dad died, but still.

Instead of reaching for creativity I bogged down in painful, unhappy thoughts, my sword focused on whining words of defeat. I didn’t believe in myself, I let all that inspiration fizzle out, I didn’t carry through. What a horrible year it was.

The Chariot – Set out, guide my life, no one else will do it for me. This card of success and momentum carries me along. “The being is the doing” as James Ricklef says, describing how in the Being, we accomplish what we need. I like the focus and balance of the skateboarder in this. He’s racing along, unstoppable, yet enjoying the whole experience. It’s not a daydream of success that moves us along, it’s the small moments and acts, experiencing life and joy.




2 thoughts on “New Year with Mr. Bright

  1. My draws today reflect your reading in some ways. The problem with creative, intelligent people is that we can use our thoughts to construct or tear down. Our ideas aren’t always a plus when they’re going down a one-way street in the wrong direction.
    That Chariot is great; the skateboarder must still be aware of his balance and keep pushing off to maintain speed, but he is making great progress. Hope your year ahead is just the same my friend!
    And to Steven Bright: Thank you for getting this deck published so the rest of us can enjoy it!

    • Oh yeah, it’s good to have a big, old thinking machine upstairs, like a furnace of thought, but it thinks too much and then self-combusts.

      I too loved this skateboarder, and he seems all the more powerful in the solid, dark silhouette. That city brings it out too.

      I liked this deck when seeing it online but it really, really works doesn’t it Bev? Well done to Steve!!!

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