Discover the Path



I have never heard of this stone before. In the pairings she mentions vetiver and oregano as going well with this and I love the scent of both vetiver and oregano. “One discovers the path while walking it.” is the reminder with this card. It’s supposed to aid those who feel shy and awkward which suits me today as a neighbour has asked us over for a Christmas visit.

It provides a sense of where the person is going and why, linking seemingly disconnected aspects of life.

I just love the colours.



2 thoughts on “Discover the Path

  1. Oooo, I love the combination of pink and gray. I’ve never heard of that stone either! Can you believe I didn’t get any decks for Christmas? I guess that’s what happens when you have too many to count. 😀 I heard the Delta Enduring is shipping out, so I’ll console myself with that!

    • No decks, no decks for Christmas (I say in a bewildered voice), BUT I looked the Delta Enduring up and it’s very Southern so I can see the appeal for you. I loved the High Priestess.

      The spouse usually doesn’t buy me decks either but I mentioned it when we were in a relevant store and he went off to buy it.

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