The Spirit Within My Kindle

The Spirit Within My Kindle

One of the chaps on a book reading group I have belonged to for almost 14 years has died. Back in the days when I was fearless about chatting with people, we used to exchange private e-mails about this and that. We often talked with others in the group about books and music and movies. While I didn’t meet him in real life, you do get a sense of people online so I felt like I knew him, and I feel such a loss at his death and feel how hard it will be for his family with Christmas coming up. A comrade has gone on The Great Journey.



The cards always know. Sigh.

Feeling restless and needing to disappear into a good book, I reserved several books from other branches in my library system, and while waiting for those I bought two Kindle books I’ve been interested in for some time, but were not available from the library. That 1-Click ordering for Kindle books on Amazon is rather dangerous I find.

The Brontë Cabinet: Three Lives in Nine Objects by Deborah Lutz
Last Days of Richard III and the Fate of His DNA bu John Ashdown-Hill

I have been interested in Richard III since reading Thomas B. Costain’s trilogy about the Plantagenets when I was a teenager. The impetus for that was a book by Josephine Tey called The Daughter of Time which I also read as a teenager. When they found Richard III’s skeleton in 2012 I clipped the article about it from a magazine and keep it with my copy of the Tey book. This revised edition of the Ashdown-Hill book includes information about that archeological dig and the resulting DNA, a path that led to Canada of all places, my country.

The Brontë Cabinet gets excellent reviews and was recommended to me by another reader. After a recent read of the book The Brontës at Haworth with its marvelous photographs, I felt like a read of this newer book.

Anything to keep Death out of the mind.



4 thoughts on “The Spirit Within My Kindle

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. I’ve got a few online friend who know me better than many folks here. Losing someone who knows the real you is like losing part of yourself.
    I prefer real books, but enjoy my Kindle; it’s like having a mini library to carry along with me.

    • I am surprised at how much I took to the Kindle. That Bronte book was almost $30 to buy, so $13 for the Kindle was a good compromise.

      Yes, I think online friends do get to know you better in many ways.

  2. Joy in the friendship, but sadness in the loss… we are full of holes us humans left my those who have gone, but hopefully we can fill them with memories and joy that we shared as time goes on. This is a stunning death card, I must check up on my current order status for the Spirit Within!

    • That’s exactly it, full of holes, part of being human is this loss that builds up. It’s the toughest thing about ageing, even worse than the physical deterioration.

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