The Spirit Within Ships a Coming

Like a lot of people, this time of year makes me feel pretty sad, add the rainy weather and problems with physical pain, and I thought I needed a happy project. I’ve been washing newish fabric and contemplating old fabrics from my stash and making two dozen circle templates for doing blobby lollypop flowers. I bought this pattern two years ago right before we moved and never really had a chance to get organized and start it. With the shoulder problem I have I’m not sure if I can appliqué, but I’m going to try.

This time I’m cutting out dairy, grains and bread and nuts or nut milk in an effort to pinpoint what inflames my body. You have to try, you know?




My ship did come in today as I got a huge order of art techniques books and three page-a-day calendars that I bought for photo references of birds, cats, and dogs.

I really don’t need to start yet another project, but the quilt pattern represents a time when I didn’t think my old house would sell and when I thought I couldn’t escape to a new life, so I bought this expensive pattern to take my mind off it. I did sell my house about a month later. Well, here I am in the new life and some of the old physical problems are rearing up.

There must be a solution. One must keep up some optimism.

Wow, look at those colours. Yummy super-delish.

“I saw three ships come sailing in…”





2 thoughts on “The Spirit Within Ships a Coming

  1. Oooo… look at those yummy batiks. Take your time with the appliqué, no need to get it done quickly. It seems the older I get, the more I have to make adaptions and adjustments to help rather than hinder my body. My mind would like to keep doing things as usual, but my body won’t tolerate being ignored. Hope you find some ways to treat yours with tender care.

    • It’s hard, and I’ve adapted quite a bit but the last month was bad. However, aren’t those colours great? I had to take a day off yesterday but today I’m getting the iron out.

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