Me and My Golden Frog



There’s that lovely Moon again, looking very peaceful and enjoying the beauty of the light. The “ingenue” in the 3 of Coins is being mentored by a golden frog. I think of this 3 as the master card and the 8 of coins as the apprentice card. In this deck the girl in the 3 is an apprentice which is a bit strange.

Focus on study and learning. I think it might be an ageing thing, but when I learn new techniques or try things out these days, it is also tinged with anxiety. Where before I would leap in with confidence, now it seems like too much. My abilities have not diminished but my confidence has taken a knock.

Therefore I feel like the girl in the picture, hesitant. I see the tracery behind her, which has to be carved and has tricky bits, but the way to do it is to plod away, chip away, chisel, refine, modify as you go.

Similarly, The Moon says not to play into your darkest fears and fantasies. We often do fantasize about the worst thing, instead of getting on, taking our time, learning gradually. Forget the inner doubt and negative shackles of the mind.





2 thoughts on “Me and My Golden Frog

  1. I can relate to that feeling of insecurity when it comes to doing or learning new things too. If it is something just for myself, it’s not so bad, but if it is something I’m doing for or with others it makes me anxious. I often wonder what happened to that young woman who was ten feet tall and bullet proof. I suppose life taught her she wasn’t as invincible as she thought. 🙂

    • We once read something about a forensic artist who sculpted a face from skeletal remains to send out pictures to see if someone could identify her. The man who was sculpting her face said it was fairly straightforward because “life’s truck hadn’t run over her.” I’ve always remembered that. The things we carry go deep over decades.

      Frank O’Hara has a stanza in his poem “Animals” that we remember too:

      Have you forgotten what we were like then
      when we were still first rate
      and the day came fat with an apple in its mouth

      I think of that one a lot. 🙂

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