Bubbly Fish Victory

When I first saw this card it reminded me of Delirium in the Sandman comics, hence the bubble reference.



With the big fish on her head, the little fish hail her as Queen. An odd little painting which makes this archetype unusual. Who knows what goes on in the depths?

I do feel pleased and victorious after finally getting around to straightening out my blogs. I’ve got some new sketchbooks and art supplies that I was waiting for and I have several sewing projects on the go.

Slightly hampered by nerve pain in my arm, I am moving as slowly as someone does when immersed in water, but Queenie knows that eventually you can get where you are going. accompanied by lovely coloured fish and rays of the sun beaming through the surface.


2 thoughts on “Bubbly Fish Victory

  1. Moving slow just means you won’t miss details, and you’ll get to enjoy the process longer. 🙂
    I had no idea about Gaiman had done comics (had to Google Delirium). I am only familiar with his through his novel written with Terry Prachett (“Good Omens”).

    • I had Good Omens but passed it on. I have all the trade paperbacks for the Sandman, it’s a terrific series. I’ve also got a boxed set of postcards of various artwork for the series. His series about Death (another sister of the Sandman) is good too. He is one of my favourite authors. A few other books:

      American Gods
      Anansi Boys (follow-up book to Am. Gods)
      Smoke & Mirrors (short stories)

      I’ve also read “Coraline” and Stardust but wasn’t fussed about them. My library has “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” and I keep meaning to read that.

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