Doves in the Fire



I didn’t notice before that this deck does not number the Major Arcana. That doesn’t bother me since historically there is no documentation of the original order of these cards. I think that’s why I was never fussed about using numbers to relate cards together.

This Tower is really engulfed in flames, but the doves have fortunately escaped the fire. In reality, the extreme heat would burn them up this close but then we wouldn’t have the idea of overcoming or escaping disaster. I like it, like this card!

Well, I am thinking that this might refer to the danger of losing my temper or otherwise having words with the spouse. Either that or I’m going to die.

In case I die I am eating a fresh peach.

Happy Sunday!


4 thoughts on “Doves in the Fire

  1. I’ve been reading a fascinating book, which talks about how the deck would originally have been numbered. There is some evidence of it, from the fact that as a game you had to know which card would ‘beat’ another card. However, there wasn’t a single set of images, or a single way of numbering, agreed at the outset.

    I’m going to be talking a bit about it in ten days at the UK Tarot Conference. There were two main approaches. One had the World as the ‘top’ card, while the other had Judgement, then called ‘The Angel’ in that position!

    In this image, I notice the full moon behind the Tower, hinting at things to come… After our rigid thinking is smashed, we are left wandering around in the dark until we find a new light, a new way 🙂

    Yum, peaches 😀

    • Oh, I didn’t notice the moon in the flames. That would make a good t-shirt saying, right? You could get a nice red t-shirt with a dove on it and the words “I didn’t notice the moon in the flames.”

      Oh good, that sounds good for the conference. Robert Place, in his book on tarot history, mentions order and then assumes his own order, which is why I got rid of his book. As a game of Trumps you would need to know which card beat another, but we don’t know the exact order. Humans hate not to know don’t they?

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