Emphasis on Health and Change

I finally got my last two decks into the database yesterday, and just have the Ostara Tarot to put in there and I’m caught up.

I decided to draw two cards from the Dreaming Way Lenormand.



We all have our favourites that we check first before buying a card deck, whether it be tarot or oracle. For me it’s the Tree and Clouds, Garden and Birds in Lenormands.

Surprisingly, after a week of trying to calm down a gallbladder attack with attendant pancreatitis, these two cards fit the situation. I don’t know why I should be surprised but it was interesting. The Tree can mean good things like growth and nature, but it can also mean health health problems or problems with vitality or the life force. “This’ll learn me” I said to myself after suffering during a week of agony and worry. But it never does apparently. This was the second attack like this I’ve had but they are getting worse. Time to change. Really.

The Whips paired with this can mean chronic illness and recurring pain, my old cycle of pain. I liked the idea of stewardship with the Tree, because as well as stewards of the natural world we are stewards of our physical bodies. If you don’t look after your body that is poor stewardship. A whip can also mean abuse, in this case abuse of health and the body, and I also see self-flagellation with this in that I tend to moan and beat myself up by saying “Why have I done this to myself, why can’t I stop?”

Health and recurring, chronic pain, the cards always know!

I bought a Kindle book on healing the gallbladder and following the recommendations, I am healing but the next attack is not far behind with permanent damage IF I DON’T CHANGE.

Yeah, the cards always know.


3 thoughts on “Emphasis on Health and Change

  1. Makes me think of ‘whipping yourself into shape,’ which always makes me want to run and do the opposite. Hope you do gently take care of yourself. Any chance of getting your gallbladder out?

    • I’m sure I could get it out but it’s not the cure-all they describe, because so many people have problems even after doing that, and sometimes worse.

      While you can live without your gallbladder it does have a necessary function and I’m going to protect mine if I can. It’s only been the past six months I’ve had problems with it, so the dietary way is best right now.

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