Weighed Down but Stable

This card deck has quite a strong chemical smell from the printing, so I’ve taken the book and cards out and I’m airing them in a tarot cupboard with some incense which will hopefully help the smell to dissipate.



This can mean several things but since I’m winging it without extra cards it seemed like a positive message.

In the book Rana explains that the rocks in the background are off Beirut, Lebanon but they remind me of the rock formations we see in Canada too.

The Anchor always brings to mind my favourite Uncle, who was in the merchant Navy. Since he died I tend to take this card as a positive from him. So today he is telling me about abilities, specifically stability and dependability, with a dash of security. I suppose the weight of an anchor can hold you down but you often need it to keep yourself from drifting. I tend to daydream so this is a card for focus. Sure, lie on the beach, but do something while resting there.




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