Cherry Blossoms Club Me

Capital of the United States
In spring, thousands of cherry trees bloom in the nation’s capital.


Well isn’t that pretty? This is a lovely illustration and she’s done a true transformation with the suit symbols in their conventional places.

I thought we had a cherry tree out in the front yard, but it turned out to be a full apple tree. We have three apples on it this year.

Maybe this card is about seeing things that may not be there, or missing things that are? How many people bustle about and forget to notice the cherry trees in bloom?




2 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms Club Me

  1. In Japanese culture, the cherry blossom is a symbol of beauty and fragility – a reminder of the impermanence of everything and a nudge to appreciate it while it’s here. I’d forgotten about these playing cards; I think they need to go on my wish list. 😀

    • I think perhaps I am coming to grips with impermanence. Ain’t so bad. 😉

      These are great playing cards and they are still available. I wish more artists published transformation playing cards.

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