Shall We Sing…???

“All my trials Lord, soon be over.”

I wish, now we’ve got a plumbing problem and the plumber is coming tomorrow.

“Once you label me, you negate me.” [Kierkegard]


Maybe we should sing “I love my cheery chaps, my existentialist saps” Lalalalala.

I take it Mr. Kierkegard doesn’t want me to label a plumbing problem as bad. Wouldn’t want to negate the plumbing, right? Okay, let’s think about concrete reality rather than thinking in abstracts.

Søren wanted some birds. “Give me birds, they know how to stay grounded” he said forthrightly.

And darn it Søren, if you press down and hold the “o” key on the Mac keyboard, you get a pop-up box for making the strange “ø” character. We can call you by your first name now!






4 thoughts on “Shall We Sing…???

  1. I’m really enjoying these existential playing cards 😀 Though I’d find it hard not to consider plumbing a problem. I guess it’s an opportunity for improvement…

    And I love that function on the Mac (and iPhone). Access to all the characters I might want. Otherwise, I have my computer set to a Spanish keyboard, as that gives easiest access to my name’s ë, as well as accènts and accênts and accénts, and ñ’s and ç’s: everything I might need in English, Spanish, German or French 😉

    • Similarly, I had my old laptop keyboard set to Canadian French for the same reason, it was the easiest way to do accents on letters. My first two computers had numeric keyboards so it was easy enough to use ASCII character codes, but the last one involved opening the Windows character map and cutting and pasting. Very lame.

      Every day I find something I like on the Mac. I am currently exploring programs that create a palette from an image. Impressively, the Apple colour picker works in every program, so if you set up palettes they are accessible in Preview and probably Pages plus my image editing programs and others. Nice to have specific palettes, particularly when I do card things.

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