Count on Success with the Moon

32 – MOON



More great success in Pixelmator! I imported some of my Photoshop brushes into the program, including the copyright symbol I like to use on scans of cards. I added a border too and used a flower brush. What could be better?

The Mystical Lenormand Moon tells me I can count on success, acknowledgement and promotion. Whee!

Time to get that calligraphy done, apparently the time is right.

And I noodled around doing a jigsaw of one of my favourite decks, the Blue Dog Rose Tarot. Such lovely animals and colours in this one.


A few hours went by, I said to myself “Do another one” so I did and I have decided I don’t actually mind having to duplicate the layer to make a drop shadow because I have oodles more control.










4 thoughts on “Count on Success with the Moon

    • I agree, I could not believe Affinity Photo could not make a simple selection around a scanned card–really unbelievably lame. It also needs a mask to make a border at the edge of a picture, a mask and feathering, I don’t know, I couldn’t get it to work the way their video showed and it was so convoluted.

      In Pixelmator you can add a stroke on the outside easily which solved that problem.

      The only thing with Pixelmator is that it cannot do a drop shadow with a filter. You have to duplicate the card on a lower layer, fill it with black, add a gaussian blur and then offset it yourself and turn down the opacity. In Photoshop it takes 3 seconds automatically. In Affinity Photo you can do this with a layer effect in maybe 10 seconds. Sheesh.

      Always something!

      Oh no, I’m rabbiting on about software…

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