Trapped By Natural Forces

I wish we did have some water, it is very dry and hot here. Hoping that it cools down going into the weekend.

4 WATER – WATERFALL (4 of Cups)


Trapped by heat and ennui, it’s easy to get feeling down. I have written and mailed three letters in three days so I got something done in the heat at least.

I was talking to someone about feelings of descent, anxiety, sorrow, all the good stuff that can get a grip on your mind. There is mention in this card of letting yourself go and inadequate diet, which I find contributes greatly to feeling down.

I have things planned but by the late morning it has been too hot to move so it’s just one of those weeks where you have to wait and do smaller projects, due to   natural forces like weather patterns.

I hope we get a break soon.




2 thoughts on “Trapped By Natural Forces

  1. It’s such a lovely card! As you say, this one needs to be treated more as an oracle. I see nothing of ennui in a waterfall. For me, I’d see being out of control, or else a deep cleansing – I used to love swimming in a waterfall pool, being pushed away from the thunder of falling water 🙂

    • Normally with decks that have odd, unfathomable systems, I just read intuitively, but this one locks me up trying to determine the archetype. I think everyone’s right in saying it isn’t tarot at all but an oracle.

      I shall try to shift my thinking. It would certainly be more fun than trying to wrangle with fitting the tarot system to this deck. Her art is lovely, really special.

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