Still with the Heat and Pixels



This deck has always confused me with its court cards. They are deliberately unnumbered and non-hierarchical and inconsistent across suits with naming. Very well, but how do you compare with the archetype for the Queen of Cups say if you can’t figure out what cards represents the Queen of Cups in this deck? There is a chart with associations at the front of the book, designating King, Queen, Gift, and Joker but no way to correlate those with Water Spirit that I can see because the names and images are not what’s on the card or in the book for the write-up.

Okay beings of light, we have to suspend disbelief and give up any correlation to tarot. NO, not that!

In looking at the book, there is an entry under “Gift of Water – Mirror” that talks about the gift of mirror being true reflection. Some gobbledygook about turning on the light and truth, and there is water and reflection in the card so this might be it.

In my continuing search for alternatives to Photoshop with regard to scanning and editing images of my card collection, I am now trying the 30-day trial of Pixelmator to see how it compares to Affinity Photo that can’t even select a scanned card from its background. Pixelmator did a better job and I can use Photoshop brushes in there. I shall continue to explore.

As well, I did a jigsaw of a montage of the cards from Sue Lion’s EartHeart Wisdom Cards. It is so hot here still, we managed a trip to the post office and library and then came home to escape.



4 thoughts on “Still with the Heat and Pixels

  1. I love the colors in the Infinite deck, but I never bought it because it seemed like such a strange mix of tarot and oracle. Even Waking the Wild Spirit makes more sense to me. But one of these days I’m going to break down and buy Lion’s lovely deck.

    • I was looking at Sue Lion’s Etsy account yesterday she didn’t have any of her big decks listed, just the little ones on keychains. It’s possible she’s reprinting them or something, but I was a little worried as her art and sentiments make for lovely decks, I have three of them.

  2. Ha ha, yes, looks like you just have to go with it on that one! Just from the image, I’d guess Queen of Cups, but then again, you’d have to show us all four Water Family to really make my mind up 😀
    I’d never heard of Sue Lion, but the imagery is rather lovely…

    • Hey, I’ve used several Sue Lion decks on my blog…I thought you hung on my every word??!! One of the things I like about Sue is that she has lovely words with her images and her use of colour is stunning.

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