Inseparable Inspiration

While waiting for the spouse to finish sanding, I am posting a card I drew from The Healing Deck by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.



Still struggling with selecting the background from the card in Affinity Photo. It was so easy in Photoshop but it’s a bit odd in Affinity. Next time I shall try a colour selection and see if that works better.

The back of this card says that prayer and meditation bring a feeling of connection to higher forces, which will make you feel inspired and inspiring.

I’ve got the entire first coat on after adding two finer snippets of branches last night. This is the final tree, I must beat down the inspiration to add more as I go in for a second coat.


I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. What is worse, painting tree branches at the top of your mural as the sweat pours down your face, or getting your teeth cleaned?




7 thoughts on “Inseparable Inspiration

  1. Looks great – now stop before you over-add (and mess up the great look you’ve achieved)! I’ve always had a fear of dentists, thanks to the sob I had as a child. Now I have to take my mind elsewhere when I’m getting a cleaning. Hugs and good luck!

    • Unfortunately I have to do a second coat, but I’m not adding more branches.

      We used to call my childhood dentist “butcher” due to his lack of social skills. However, he was a good orthodontist and I have nice, straight teeth as a result of his butchering. Still, being in a dental chair causes me to tense up something fierce.

      I once wet the chair when I was young after he hit me with his tooth extraction tool when I wouldn’t stop screaming. Dentistry has come a long way since then.

      • When I was in 2nd grade, my dentist pulled four permanent teeth (nothing wrong with them, I just needed more room). No gas, just four shots. Having my teeth being pulled freaked me out, and I started crying (quietly). The doc told me he was going to send me to the vet next door to finish the job if I didn’t stop crying. I bet the vet would have been kinder!

        • Hey, that’s just what happened to me around the same age–4 permanent teeth out because I needed room, I had to have a bite plate too to straighten my teeth. Yeah, I bet a vet would have been kinder.

          I am thinking, for two people who talk a lot and state opinions readily, we have small mouths. Hahaha, is this the beginning of a Zen koan?

  2. I love the look of your tree – absolutely gorgeous!

    Good luck with the dentist tomorrow – not my favourite, either, though I don’t think I’ve any tales to quite match the ‘butcher’ 😦

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