Gothic Tree is a Pain

I barely managed to get this jigsaw done of the Jeu Gothique playing cards. I got the image for this from Roddy Somerville’s Playing Card Sales site. I hope Mr. Somerville is well, he had such a passion and interest in cards and offered so many great decks on his site. Many, many of my most interesting playing cards are from him.


The reason I can’t use the computer much is that I’m painting my tree in the hall. I managed to draw it in chalk on Friday, then on Saturday I managed to paint the lower 2/3 of it before having to stop for pain.

Today is Sunday and after eating and taking some aspirin, I’m strapping on my tendon cuff and s-l-o-w-l-y going to finish the top so that one whole coat is completed. I hope so much that I don’t hurt my shoulder. I just want to complete one coat, maybe 45 minutes work, and then I’ll leave it for the day and hopefully be able to put a second coat on half of it tomorrow, and half the next day, and thus finish it.

I am very pleased with it so far, but the pain is getting to me and I have to manage it in increments so I don’t end up spending weeks not being able to do anything.


Happy Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Gothic Tree is a Pain

  1. I like the shape of the tree; just remember that the only deadline you have for finishing it is the one you put on yourself.
    I miss the Somerville site as it had some great cards you don’t normally find on other sites.

    • What a wise thing Bev. I must remember that. I think I’m going to have to put split the final painting into 4 sections, so I feel better in thinking about deadlines after your comment.

      The Somerville site is still there but they aren’t trading. So I go and look at things! So many good ones I missed, but at least I got the South Sea Bubble Cards and three of the French reproductions of decks. Plus I got my Saints playing cards from him and all my Patience decks….

      He used to go to the Nuremberg Toy Fair every year and come back with nice things to sell. Such a loss, I hope he knows how fond people were of him. Ageing and illness is no fun.

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