Why Didn’t I Buy THIS one?

When the Daniloff Tarot came out I was really strapped for money, so I never bought it. This year I bought about 5 decks and 4 of them I could live without. While working this jigsaw of the Daniloff, I kept thinking that I should have bought this deck instead of the disappointing decks, but I didn’t have the money at the time.

The loop of regret can get a grip on the mind; I would be better enjoying what I did buy, which I do to a point, but several of them are still disappointing.

Lunchbag Letdown: when you are so looking forward to your nice lunch because you are hungry, but when you open the bag it’s Wonder Bread with dry peanut butter. What you really want is a lettuce, chick pea, and avocado sandwich with little snippets of green pepper and carrot and a bit of Maille mustard on a fresh Italian roll. Included in a separate section would be some fresh cherry tomatoes and some cauliflower florets.

Here’s to lunch Mr. Daniloff!




4 thoughts on “Why Didn’t I Buy THIS one?

  1. I heard there is a third edition of the Daniloff now… 😀 I’m surprised none of the mass market publishers have picked up this wonderful deck. I’ve got a few decks (mass market) I would gladly trade for some I passed up (self-published) because they were expensive. I’m currently waiting on the Delta Enduring Tarot to be printed. That one speaks to my Southern roots.

    • Dropping the hook, she ensures that the correspondent goes to look up the Delta Enduring Tarot…an illustrator, my favourite tyoe of art!

      Yes, it”s frustrating not to have a mass market version of the Daniloff. I like self-published decks generally but the authors have to sell at a high price to cover costs and I think some of them are not up to the mark for the expensive price.

      Putting a picture on a card is not enough.

        • Nah, I like a bit of a look-see at new decks, I’m always curious.

          I would say only about 30% of self-published decks are worth it. I rarely say such things, living in fear of the bully express, but that’s the reality for me. Every now and then someone comes along, like Corina Dross or Jessica Shanahan or Nakisha VanderHoeven, all artists I am in awe of, but such iconoclasts are rarely seen.

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