Folio Fans Playing Cards

I found these playing cards on the Internet. They are published in London by Folio, an illustration agency that represents a number of commercial artists.  These cards were done by Julian De Narvaez, and I wasn’t sure when I saw them if they were antique cards or if he was creating new cards. It seems they depict some people holding fans, and they were listed at the Folio site under “Kensington Palace” so it might be a painting depicting cards in the collection of the Palace, it was not clear.

I had a go at them as a jigsaw, of course.


What else would you do?

The spouse is putting a third coat of paint on the front foyer, so after that cures for a few days, I will be painting my white tree on the wall. Finally, the fabled tree in the front entrance. I need to draw up a largish cartoon of my final design and then I plan to use white chalk to draw it lightly on the wall before painting.

Happy Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Folio Fans Playing Cards

  1. Please post of picture of your tree when you finish! 🙂
    I would love to find another playing card set like the transformation deck ‘Key to the Kingdom’ with poems for each of the cards.

    • It will be 2 to 3 weeks before the tree is finished but I will post.

      I have 6 or 7 transformation packs and only Keys to the Kingdom has poems. The genre is scarce and I still regret that I missed Pete Woods’s Wild deck and 2000 Pips, both of which were transformation packs. It was much harder to order things online back then, so I missed out. He created several decks and one newer one limited to 50 decks hand painted transformation cards, but the prices are way out of my range.

      Still, at least one artist exists who is devoted to transformation cards.

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