Jigsaws in Card Paradise

We’ve had a busy week with contractors and banks and my insomnia kicked in. Three to five hours of sleep leaves me dragging around, so this week I got into the digital jigsaw program Jigsaws Galore, which was a Windows program that is now available for the Mac. I find it soothing and I can load in my own pictures to make puzzles. I used some of my own card images or montages and a couple from the Internet and just had fun.

This is the Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle by Lisa Estabrook which I don’t have but might one day purchase. I love botanical decks in particular, but I was disappointed with a few decks I bought this year so I like to think carefully about buying any new decks.


Then I had to scan in and enter my copy of the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot in my database, so I decided to use my samples of the cards and card back as a jigsaw.


Then I took an old image of bower birds that I used on this blog comparing the Animal Totem Tarot and the Linestrider Tarot cards that feature bower birds. That Linestrider card has lots of white which was challenging to piece together. I think I did about 480 pieces for this. With this bigger screen I can do more pieces than I could on a small 15-inch laptop.


I found a nice image of the Ancient Italian Tarot online and did a jigsaw of that, but I didn’t take a screen shot.

While doing these I opened up iTunes and listened to some of my collections of music. Jigsaws are compelling, so naturally Cassandra Wilson’s rendition of the old standard You Go To My Head was perfect.

As I contemplated buying decks and playing cards, Brad Mehldau’s Hungry Ghost song played on as well as Paul McCartney’s song Appreciate.

That Soulflower card deck sure is pretty though….


4 thoughts on “Jigsaws in Card Paradise

  1. When I see your screenshots, I get tempted by that jigsaw software. I’ve just recently bought a new jigsaw, but there’s always the worry the kids will come in and trash it part way through. On my screen though… 😀

    • With me it was pets eating and batting pieces of regular jigsaw about. SO I totally agree that you would like one of these programs Chloe. I ran the Tibo Software jigsaw program for years and Brainsbuster is also popular, but I decided to get Jigsaws Galore this time. They all work similarly. I turn off the ghosting feature or preview of the puzzle so I can just work it. You can change the background colour or let the program find a good contrast colour so you can see the pieces.

      You would have a ball doing up card jigsaws–nothing like it for familiarizing yourself with decks.

  2. Had a peek at the Soulflower deck; I do like how she interprets the plants from a more realistic sense (characteristics, mythology, etc.)than simply made-up nonsense.

    • Oh Bev, you and I seem to be the only people who don’t like made-up nonsense. I despair sometimes when reading the gobbledygook in attendant books or LWBs.

      Mythology is always good in a deck!

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