Jackass in the Box


Jackass in the box,
Turn the key and up he pops;
On Midsummer’s Eve Take your dreams to bed,
Lest you wake a fool
With a donkey’s head.


There he is popping up and down trying to find a solution in his new image editing program, only to find after wasting all day on the computer, that the program doesn’t do the simple task he used to do in the other image editing program. It’s enough to make your head spin, or at least your Elizabethan collar. Hey, Donk got his old Photoshop brushes back though.

Mr. Shakey notwithstanding, there are all kinds of ways to feel like an ass.

Today I vow to paint drop caps with gouache and get off the bloody computer. Resist the urge to connect the external hard drive Donk!






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