Hanging with Potential

I drew this card yesterday but due to setting up and coming to grips with a new computer, it has taken me a while to get a post done. I still haven’t quite figured out my new Affinity Photo software, although it is very much like Photoshop and uses many of the same shortcut keys and commands, but it’s finding them. I had Photoshop CS5 on my old Windows laptop but newer versions require a monthly subscription and that’s way out of my league.

I bought the computer last week and spent two days reading a book on switching from Windows to Mac from the library, and then bought a big book on the Sierra operating system for Mac, and I’m doing pretty well. Here is my cat Tosca helping me.


I almost bought a Mac 13 years ago but I needed Windows for courses I was taking for work which involved online chats using Windows software, and I had to give up the dream.



This is from the Tarot ReVISIONed by Leigh McCloskey. It came out in 2003 and I bought the massively heavy oversized paperback for it. This is a Majors-only deck, but Leigh has so much symbolism in it that I wanted the book. His write-up for The Hanged Man is ten full-size pages long.

Today, I am seeing the inversion as inversion in thinking about computing, of seeing the reality. I spent six years struggling with a cheap $350 laptop. Windows 7 was stable until Microsoft decided to foist Windows 10 on people and I went through hell for months and months with Windows Update. I wasn’t the only one. It is still going on due to the AMD chipset I have on the old laptop.

Last fall I was looking at a new Windows laptop but my heart wasn’t in it. I felt sick, I’d just had enough of the endless struggle. Due to my father’s death, I had the money to buy a Mac, so here I am, enjoying computing again.


The back of the card has a lovely quote by William Blake.


There is a lot about imagination in Leigh’s essay on this card. Imagination and potential and the world being one.  This is a favourite quote from the book:

“Upon the path of the Hanged Man the impossible, the unimaginable , is made manifest. The boundaries between the self in time and the self that resides within the heart as its guiding spirit are drawn into close proximity. This engagement leads one to recognize that there are no real limits to what the human soul and nature are capable of potentially.”

The Hanged Man has given up the struggle.




4 thoughts on “Hanging with Potential

  1. Beautiful card. I suppose imagination can be a blessing or a curse – I can open myself to possibility or make my world small with unnecessary worry. Congrats on getting a Mac (and having the tenacity to figure out the system)!

    • I’m telling you Bev, it was nothing like the tenacity I needed to try and use Windows for the last 3 years.

      It’s not that hard to figure out, I am quite pleased!

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