Four for Introspection




8 thoughts on “Four for Introspection

    • They are “word tickets” Chloe. As explained in the book Poemcrazy by Susan Wooldridge, you use a roll of paper “Admit One” theatre tickets, and cut and paste words from magazines and such. Then do a sort of lucky dip when you want to write a poem.

      I made mine back in 2004, and I was buying books for the adult library I worked in at the time, so had lots of publisher’s catalogues to cut and paste from. Every night after work I would cut and paste a bunch and eventually did up 1,000 of them. I augment them with another box of paint chip colours which often have interesting names too. I use decorative papier machĂ© boxes from the dollar store to store them in.

      Susan Wooldridge is a teacher, and started doing this with school children in underprivileged areas, to try and spark an interest in poetry.

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