Thank You James Ricklef

Aha, I just discovered that James Ricklef is offering his tarot books in Kindle format. I tried a couple of years ago to get The Soul’s Journey but it was so expensive and hard to get in paperback form. I’ve also enjoyed his Pithy Tarot sayings on his blog and he offers them collected in a book for $6.55 CAD for the Kindle.

I really appreciate that he offers them in this format, readily available and with instant download. I have been awake all night with pain and insomnia, but I will have something positive to look forward to tomorrow. I like a good spiritual tie-in to tarot and James has some depth in his writing and passion for tarot.


Feeling discouraged by life in general, I knocked a deck off the wish list that I’ve wanted for months, and ordered the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot. With the shipping, it costs a lot for international orders but the creativity and artwork of this deck has always impressed me.

Here’s to feeling better!





7 thoughts on “Thank You James Ricklef

  1. I’ve got the kindle version of “Pithy Tarot;” it is my go-to when I have days where I feel stuck in a rut or completely blank when reading the cards. I’ve got his “Tarot Affirmations” book (though I don’t believe in the effectiveness of affirmations), because I wanted a book to go with his deck. Between the two, they give a well-rounded view of all the cards. I’ll be curious about your use of the Pagan Otherworlds deck. It is beautiful, and I love all the greenery in it, but for some reason I just don’t want to click that “buy” button.
    Hope your pain eases soon, my friend.

  2. Oh wonderful Bev! I looked at the affirmations book but when I think of affirmations I think of Al Franken’s SNL sketches with Stuart Smalley and his affirmations, and it seems silly.

    You might love The Soul’s Journey though–you could get a preview and check it out. I say no more. 😉

  3. I love the Soul’s Journey, very wise. I also adore his two earlier books, now titled Tarot Reading Explained and Tarot Spreads: Get the Whole Story. They give really good information on tarot cards and tarot spreads, through the fun and playful premise of doing tarot readings for famous people (deceased, mythological, and from fiction) 🙂

    • You are just the person to ask then Chloe. I have used the Power Tarot book for years but I liked James’s approach in the Tarot Spreads book and am considering buying it. However Barbara Moore also has a book on spreads and creating your own story (she cites the Ricklef book in her book) so I was considering buying that.

      His I would buy for the Kindle but I’d probably order Barbara’s in paperback form. Not sure I want or need both so i have to choose. Which one would you recommend? I liked James’s approach to using quotes and mythology/philosophy as a jumping off point for spreads.

      • Hi JJ, sorry for the delay, I wanted to dig out James’ book to refresh my memory on it. I don’t have Barbara’s book, so I can’t comment on that, though I do love her work, and think she’s thorough and creative.

        I think you would enjoy James’ book, though it’s less philospophical than his later work. He has a chapter at the start with suggestions about inspirations to create tarot spreads. Then, each following chapter offers a spread and a sample reading done for a character from history or fiction (for example, Clark Gable before he starred in Gone With The Wind, or Usher from the Poe tale). It also contains a discussion of ways to tweak the spread to alter positions or expand it. As such, it’s very inspirational, rather than just a ‘this is how you make a spread’.

        Good luck with your choice 🙂

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