#33 – The 72 Names of God

33 – Yod-Chet-Vav
Illuminating the dark corners
(Revealing the Dark Side – Berg)


The first thing that struck me about this image was the open drawer on the tower.

When you find yourself saying “What did I do? or “Why is this happening to me?” then this card will help. Negative traits or shadows can emerge and express themselves, particularly when spiritual light enters your life. Darn those nasty dust motes that show up in sunlight!

Those ropes or lemniscates are so flexible, they can lasso the moon or bind you or help you pull out the crumbs in that drawer so you can clean it and put a new liner down. Old patterns, shoved in drawers pop out to bite you. Let them see the light and release them and yourself.

Easier said, but be aware that these old patterns can be let go of. It’s possible to clear them out and the light will fill the spaces left.


2 thoughts on “#33 – The 72 Names of God

  1. Those entrenched patterns of behavior are so familiar, it’s like putting on old, comfortable clothes. Never mind the rips or the split in the seat of the pants! There have been times when anger or self-pity temporarily made me feel good; those can be addictive moments for repetitive thoughts and actions. If I can just widen my perspective and see with some clarity, I will notice the end game will not wind up where I want and perhaps make better choices.

  2. I think this card is very close to the idea of non-attachment or letting things come to awareness in mindfulness. The better you get (or the more light you are letting in), the more these shadow bits crop up. Better to sit with them as you see them and clear them out than leave them in the dark.

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